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7 Items Every Nigerian Lady Must Have In Her Handbag

Men can go about their daily activities with as little as their wallets.

Ladies, on the other hand, have their lives inside of their handbags; making the handbag more than a fashion statement.

But sometimes, some of the items in a lady’s handbag might have utterly no use at all. To curb having a handbag full of useless items, here are essentials every lady should carry around:

Pocket perfume or vapouriser

Due to daily activities like commuting, our fragrances can wear off. Keeping a pocket perfume or vaporiser around will make sure we have a go-to when refreshing our fragrance.

Hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizers are very important as they help combat germs that cause viral diseases. Using a hand sanitizer can erase up to 90 percent of germs on the skin. Having a pocket sanitizer can help erase germs from crowded streets, buses and even the open air.

Wet wipes

Wet wipes because the use of wipes are limitless. From cleaning off stains on the skin and clothing items to even cleaning off a sweaty face, you can never go wrong with having wet wipes.

Stores like MIniso have pocket-sized wet wipes ideal for keeping in a handbag.

Sanitary towels or products

Some ladies might be opposed to carrying sanitary products in their handbags but the pro of doing this is to ensure you are safe when your period begins without warning.

Also, you never can tell if another lady around you might be needing that extra sanitary product you have tucked away in your handbag.

Lip gloss or lip balm

Depending on your preference, it’s always a big YES to have your preferred lip balm or lip gloss product in your handbag to keep your lips moisturised throughout the day.

Notebook and pen

Whether you’re a student, entrepreneur, stay-at-home-mum, or employee, you’ll agree that almost on a daily basis, there’s always at least one need for taking down an important thing down in your notebook or notepad.

Hand lotion

This item is important most especially for ladies with dry, combination or oily skin.

Sometimes the temperature can get too cold and your palms may dry up, needing the soothing feel of a hand lotion. Also, what’s the best thing to do after washing your palms, and using a hand sanitizer, other than also applying hand lotion.


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