7 Local Dishes Nigerians Need To Start Using Soy Sauce To Cook

The funny thing is that soy sauce is readily available in the market but only a few people actually buy and use it, and those who use it can testify that it adds a lot of flavor to your dish. You’d Assume it’s a Chinese spice meant for Chinese dishes but there are many Nigerian dishes you can use this sauce to cook, dishes like.

Soy sauce is a brown liquid Chinese spice popular in Asia. If you’ve eaten in a Chinese restaurant before and you tasted their fried rice and liked it, it’s probably  because of the soy sauce.

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1. PASTA: That’s macaroni and spaghetti. If you’re the type who stirfries their pasta then I can bet you’d love it. It adds flavor and even color to the dish.

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2. NOODLES: Also like pasta too. If you stiffly your noodles you should try adding soy sauce to it right when it’s about to be ready.

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3. JOLLOF RICE: Soy sauce is almost like maggi, it goes with almost everything. the next time you make jollof rice add it, people would ask what you added and they’d notice a good difference in the taste.

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4. FRIED RICE: Also the same with jollof. The only difference is that the collie might be a little darker depending on the kind of soy sauce you use.

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5. STIRFRY VEGETABLES: If you’re part of the few elite Nigerians who enjoy a side of stiffly vegetables with their dishes then try adding  Soy sauce to your stiffly while cooking it.



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6. PEPPER SAUCE: The kind of pepper sauce you make with bits of meat and fish inside, soy sauce would add to the taste of the dish.

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7. VEGETABLE SOUPS: I’ve tried it with ego riro and ugwu and the taste was magnificent, you should try it too.


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