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7 Perfect Tips To Learn From Zuckerberg On Health


If you do not know Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook genius, then you are probably not from this planet. This young man has been able to make a lasting impact in the world by creating Facebook. If you do not know, he is rated as the seventh-richest man in the world. He is well loved as he has been able to use the social network he created to help us connect with our friends and loved ones.

Mark Zuckerberg is not just known for his social networking skills, he also has some health and fitness tips to share. Ordinarily, many people would expect someone like his to be fat and bloated because money is not his problem. But this young icon knows the implication of eating unhealthy foods and gaining weight. He takes it upon himself to stay healthy and fit.

Find below some of the recommended health tips shared by Mark Zuckerberg:

1. Exercise daily for energy

Many people think exercises wear them out; in the real sense working out loads you with bouts of energy. Mark Zuckerberg knows that he needs to keep fit in order to keep Facebook running. He sets out time to exercise when he is not working on the Facebook world. This young man knows that he has to stay in shape to get other works done. He works out at least three times a week. Adopting this lifestyle would keep you healthy both physically and mentally. Blood gets to flow well when you work out from time to time.

2. Use a pet as motivation

Now you may find it difficult keeping to your exercise routine; many people skip their working out time because there is nothing or no one to motivate them. Zuckerberg uses his dog as his form of motivation. He takes out this pet sometimes while working out. If you have a pet, you can do this too. Everyone needs encouragement from time to time, your working out time would be more interesting if you find someone to push you. This would keep your pet active and healthy too.

3. The running challenge

Zuckerberg has been able to keep fit and healthy by challenging himself. He started the year 2016 by deciding to run one mile per day; he also encouraged people all over the world to join him. Adopting this lifestyle will be highly beneficial to you because it will improve your health. This would assist in weight loss and give you a healthy tone. It will boost your cardiovascular health also.

4. Give back to the society

While you work out to keep fit and healthy, it is important for you to make moves to give back to the society. This will give you the satisfaction of being truly happy. The CEO of Facebook uses his wealth to help people across the globe. He makes an immense contribution to the growth and development of the society. A study shows that giving back to the society promotes longevity and lowers the blood pressure at the same time.

5. Eat healthy foods

Mark Zuckerberg is a vegetarian who eats meat he can kill himself. He also has an interest in farming; this young man wants to eat healthy food as he knows the implication of pushing down foods that are filled with cholesterol. The high levels of cholesterol in the foods we consume often promote heart-related diseases and high blood pressure.

6.  Do something new

Zuckerberg likes new challenges; he enjoys doing different things that would make him experience life in a different way. If he is not running a mile in a day, he would be reading a book per week. People feel like they are not getting the best from life because they stick to the same routine. Life becomes boring and uneventful if you stick to a particular way of life. Do something out of the norm; be social and stay disciplined while you are at it. This would help you to be creative.

7. Stay positive

While on the verge of a breakthrough, challenges would always rise. There will be people who would talk you down and discard your ideas. There are a lot of people who will spit venom when you share a great idea with them. It is important for you to stay positive when you meet negative people like that. This will keep you healthy and prevent you from being stressed or bothered by their meaning remarks.


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