7 Random Signs He Wants To Kiss You For The First Time

You’re on a first date alone with a guy you like, how can you tell if he wants to kiss you? Assuming that he don’t come right out and say, “Kiss me!”, you’ve got to look for nonverbal signs that he’s ready for that first kiss.  The first kiss can be difficult to initiate. Maybe you want to seal the deal but you’re not sure he’ll reciprocate. Maybe he’s under the same pressure and hoping you’ll make the first move.

Nobody likes getting rejected but at the same time, somebody is going to have to take the leap eventually. Here are the 7 top signs to look out for that he wants to give you first kiss:

Top 7 random signs he wants to kiss you for the first time

  •  When he is stallingIf it’s the end of the date and he seems to be stalling with his keys or making excuses to not go home yet, he might be trying to work up the courage to make a move. Try getting a little closer to him and see how he reacts.
  •  When he’s keep wrapping your shoulders too oftenIf the guy is being very touchy feely, putting his arm around your shoulders and finding excuses to get closer, he’s thinking of how to make a move. If he’s doing these things, it might mean he’s a little bit shy and would appreciate if you made a move or at least gave him a sign that you’re into it.
  • He’s kissing you elsewhereI display this very sign well,  when he is kissing you elsewhere, like kissing you on the cheek or kissing your hand. The lips is obviously one of the more intimate places you can kiss somebody, whereas a kiss on the cheek is more casual and friendly. If he’s giving you a lot of pecks on other areas of your face, it might be that he’s testing the waters and trying to work his way to the lips. Surprise him by planting one on him!
  • When he keeps changing the subjectIf he keeps trying to change the conversation in order to talk about romantic things or going on dates, it’s a pretty safe bet that he plans on kissing you before the date is over.
  • When he keeps looking at your mouthNext one of good signs he wants to kiss you is when he keeps looking at your mouth. He might not even know that he’s doing this but if you’re talking and he’s staring at your lips, that means he’s thinking about them – big time!
  • When he keeps gazing into your eyesThis is a clear sign he wants to kiss you is, if in between conversation, he keeps going quiet and just looking you in the eyes; it’s probably because he’s thinking about what it would be like to kiss you. If he does this while holding on to your hand or arm, it’s pretty much a guarantee that he’s ready.
  • When he pauses several times throughout the conversationThere’s a difference between an awkward pause and an intentional one. If the conversation keeps pausing, so the both of you can just stop and smile at each other, it’s because you’re both thinking about doing things with your lips that don’t involve talking!

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