7 Safety Tips For Those Who Wear Contact Lenses

7 Safety Tips For Those Who Wear Contact Lenses 2
Every person with contact lenses in any part of the world had shivers when heard about that girl who didn’t take off her contacts for half a year, and her eyes were destroyed by flesh-eating amoeba.
We don’t know if it’s a true story, but this infection is totally real, but very rare and totally evitable for people following hygienic prescription for lens wearers.

1. Before you reach your lenses with a hand, wash it, and keep eye stuff in a right clean place. Touching lenses with dirty hands can end up with pinkeye infection which can even leave you blind.

2. Allergic people can make their symptoms worse by wearing lenses, because pollen and dander can get directly to the eyeball with the sticky silicon When you suffer bad symptoms, change to glasses, and if you cant live without lenses (nothing bad with it), just try to buy new ones more often and do a good cleaning.
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3. Don’t forget eye drops – you have to obtain a sample anywhere you spend your time, at home or at work. It’s impossible to see through dry lenses, and they really can stretch the eyeball. Use the liquid as often as you can, and buy ones with antihistamine effect if you are allergic.
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4. Wear lenses only as long as it is written on the pack. If it says two weeks, destroy them after 14 days, not longer. Lenses accumulate and absorb protein deposits which are great place for germs, and can cause pain because of irritation.
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5. When in shower or swimming pool, take them off. Silicon is a great absorbent, and it may take in any infection or parasite in air or water.
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6. Let your eyes rest from contacts wearing. It can be really hard when you got used to a good sight every step, but your eyes deserve some free breathing. Choose breathable lenses and put them off for a couple of hours each day to give oxygen to your tired eyeballs.
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7. Meet your ophthalmologist every year to check your prescription.  With no up-to-date recommendations you won’t be able to buy lenses. And if your eyes got weaker, you mustn’t stick to old lenses – it may cause headaches and sight problems.
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