7 Signs Your Lover Has Lost Interest In The Relationship

There are many reasons modern relationships tend to fail, people have blamed the social media, random s*x, economy and lots more.
But we are all cocksure of the fact that most modern relationships tend not to work out. When a boyfriend or girlfriend losses interest in a relationship most of them tend to keep it to themselves and begin to ‘shop’ for a new partner.

If you are not able to note this signs then the breakup would come as a big shock and leave you with a dejected feeling. That’s why I decided to give a breakdown on the signs that tell your girlfriend or boyfriend is tired of the relationship.

(1) Unpleasant comments: The words of your partner may be a sign that he or she is growing bored with the relationship. Your girlfriend or boyfriend is less likely to make heated, angry comments, but might make frustrated remarks about disappointments with you and your activities together. Your partner might also be found of giving you vague answers when they are obviously tired of you.

(2) Phone calls become less frequent: When your girlfriend or boyfriend acts like picking a phone call or dialing your number becomes a bigger task than brushing your teeth then something is wrong somewhere.

(3) Spending less time together: He or she is now suddenly the busy type and no more Romeo and juliet visitations again. When your girlfriend or boyfriend starts losing interest in you, time spent together will be gone. The normal things you guys use to do together will become extinct and absurd.

(4) No more gifts: Don’t tell me that lie that you don’t believe in gifts. At the beginning of most relationships there is an healthy culture of gifts exchange as they both want to show how much the love and cherish themselves. When the gifts become less frequent there is obviously a reason why and if it is not economic then your boyfriend or girlfriend is gradually losing interest in you.

(5) Less intimacy than usual: This is a big sign to tell your girlfriend or boyfriend is losing interest in you. If your partner used to prefer being intimate a lot, and now nothing, then this may be a sure sign that you have to move on.

(6) More friend outings: If your partner is losing interest, he or she will start having more friend outings. They are most likely doing this because their friends are most likely single. This is an obvious way of telling you he or she wants to be back into the single life and is being hooked by the relationship.

(7) Lowered tolerance: All of the normal things that you used to do that your partner hated, he or she suddenly does not say anything about. You pop your gum, speak to your ex, stay out late and and yet no complain. Then your girlfriend or boyfriend has lowered tolerance with you and is losing interest, also not really caring what you do with your time.

Source: Kiki Otolu’s blog

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