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7 Simple Proper Etiquette For Good Communication

Communication is very important between humans,it involves two or more people. So always remember when talking that communication does not only have to do with the speaker but the listener as well.

Regardless of who you are, you’ll have the need to communicate throughout life. Being a good communicator can do a variety of things for you, including sharing important information, winning people to your side, and raising your children.

Learning to communicate:

  • Conversation – Learn how to hold a decent conversation, with back-and-forth dialogue. Never monopolize a discussion, or you may find yourself stuck in a corner trying to figure out why others are walking a wide berth around you.
  • Gossip – Never gossip. Not only is it bad form, if word ever got back to the person you were talking about, you can pretty much be assured you’ll be the subject of the next gossip session.
  • People’s names – Everyone has one, and most people appreciate your effort to learn their names if you spend more than a minute or two talking with them. This applies to social and business contacts.

  • Cellphones – In a nutshell, use your cellphones sparingly in public. No one else wants to listen in on a private conversation or wait while you text someone the latest Internet joke. And whatever you do, ignore your phone while you’re checking out at the cash register. Texting or chatting on the phone is rude to the cashier and the people behind you.
  • Email – Think before you hit “send.” Most electronic mail can never be taken back.
  • Social media – Facebook, Twitter, and other social media are part of most people’s lives. Remember that not only can your friends see what you post, others can repost, copy, share, or retweet anything you put out there.
  • Rude questions – We have all gotten them. There are ways to deal with them and not come across as snarky. If you’re not sure how to answer a rude question, don’t say anything. Just smile and change the subject.
  • How to graciously change the subject – There are times certain things shouldn’t be discussed, and it’s up to you to shift the conversation.

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