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7 Simple Reasons Office Affairs Happen In Nigeria

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When affairs happen, they usually occur between co-workers. What is it about the office environment that causes so many people to put their marriages in jeopardy? There are several reasons why office affairs happen and knowing these reasons can help you to understand a little more about your own relationship.



It is true that, in some cases, people see their co-workers more than they see their spouses. This is especially true if the spouses work shifts that make it difficult for the couple to be together on a regular basis. Of course, mere convenience is not usually enough to cause someone to stray from their relationship. There are normally underlying reasons for the affair to take place that indicate issues with the relationship. But the convenience of being around co-workers constantly can help to intensify those issues and become the catalyst for an affair.


Co-workers can often become confidants to spouses who are having problems with their marriage. While it can be part convenience that leads to an affair in these situations, actually has more to do with how familiar co-workers become with each other’s home problems and how that familiarity becomes the starting point for a relationship.


An affair with a co-worker can sometimes seem like a safe way to add some excitement to your life. There is a level of trust you develop with a co-worker that can lull you into a false sense of security about having an illicit affair. Once that line has been crossed, the excitement is replaced with a variety of other emotions that can make both the home life and office environment uncomfortable.



If a spouse is experiencing frustrations at home, then the only place that they can express those frustrations are at work to a co-worker. Over the course of time, the spouse’s frustration and the co-worker’s sympathy become a combination that breeds an office affair.

Mutual Interest

When a couple has an unstable relationship for any reason, the co-worker can suddenly become a competitor for a spouse’s affections. The situation is complicated even further when the co-worker and the spouse start to give subtle signs of mutual interest in each other. As those signs start to intensify, the possibility of an office romance increases exponentially.


Ambitious people will often use any tool necessary to get ahead in the corporate world. Someone looking for a promotion may see a co-worker as competition and may try to get close to that co-worker to learn their secrets and discredit them in the eyes of management. In a more simple scenario, a manager offers a subordinate the opportunity to move up in the company by having an office affair. While these things tend to be frowned upon, they happen on a regular basis.


When emotions start flying between two people who work together, anything can happen. Two co-workers who find themselves working late with no one else in the office could follow an impulse that they may both regret later. In an intense work environment, the potential for an impulsive office affair is very real.

Is your relationship strong enough to ward off an office affair? Do you trust your partner when they head off to work? Office affairs happen and, more often than not, it is some sort of instability in the relationship that opens up the opportunity for a co-worker to step in and fill a void.


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