7 Special Ways To Celebrate Your Partner’s Birthday In A Memorable Style

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Celebrating your partner’s birthday in a a manner that will make them not forget quickly should always be a concern of yours.

After a while, you might get stuck on the matter of what to do to mark the occasion. That is, you’ll want to do something you have never done before.

 If you are at that stage, here are few things that should inspire you or give you some fresh ideas

1. Surprise birthday party

If you have never done this, maybe now is the time to. You do not need the whole estate there.

To cost costs, invite maybe just two of his/her friends and two of yours. Should be fun.

2. Decorate their room or office

With the assistance of his/her colleague or someone at their work place, you could decorate their office with balloons and other beautiful things.

 An alternative is to get the assistance of a family member, and decorate their room.

3. Cook their favorite foods

For women [and men, too], if you are the type that enjoys cooking, then, by all means, you could spoil him silly with two or three of his favorite meals.

It might be serious hard work, but if you are down for it, then you should do it.

Get few candles and light the room. Put on something really nice and make the effort to complement the food with some good looks. Apply little makeup, and get that party started.

He won’t forget easily.

4. Little surprises

I once attempted to send someone 24 text messages on her birthday; that’s one for the whole 24 hours of the day.

Sadly, I ended up sending just seven or eight, but of course she appreciated it a lot because, frankly, receiving 8 beautifully-written mini poems is quite heartwarming.

Now you might not necessarily do this, but think of some little things you could do.

The cumulative result should sweep them off their feet.

5. Book a hotel room

For married couples and those who are already intimate to that level, you could book into a nice hotel room for your partner’s birthday.

I’ll let you decide what you do when you get into the room [of course!]

6. A trip down memory lane

American rapper, Kanye West, recently did something like this for his wife, Kim Kardashian.

He did a compilation of videos from when she was a little girl till when she was about 18 or thereabouts.

Though there might be no video records of your partner to work with, but with some determination, you can pull this off, too.

Get a compilation of pictures from your partner’s mother, and create a slide with their favorite music playing in the background.

And at the end of the video, you could add a clip of yourself wishing them a happy birthday and telling him/her that you have one more surprise for them when you both see later in the day.

And that surprise will be…

7. Birthday sex

Even if you both have been married for a while and have done this a number of times, you should still make it a bit more special than previous times.

Get candles, get some roses on the bed [or some other preferred location in the house] if can afford them, and put on some new sexy lingerie [or any other sexy stuff your partner likes]

The point is to make the occasion a special one, and you should indeed make it so.

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