7 Things Men Should Always Do To Make Their Marriage Better


As soon as some people marry, romance just seems to fly out of the window and the marriage institution becomes a totally serious one. The man who used to call his then girlfriend now wife, 20 times a day no longer even call her once except he needs to pass an urgent message. Even going out together disappears and one of them is either too busy nursing their baby or chasing money. Since marriage is a very vital aspect of the Nigerian society, we advocates 7 very simple things men could do to make their marriages more interesting…

Never stop courting. Never stop dating. Treat her like your girlfriend always. When you proposed to her, you promised to be the man who would cherish her heart and  fiercely protect it. This is the most important and sacred treasure you will ever be entrusted with. Don’t get lazy with love, make the time and take the time to remind her why she is so special to you.

Be naughty: Make her laugh and do silly, fun things together. Laughter is a key ingredient in the success of a relationship. Don’t always allow the pursuit of wealth take away those precious little moments when you get to spend time with each other doing nothing serious but seriously enjoying each other’s company.


Forgive quickly: A lot of people would agree that women love to quarrel over little things but men make it worse by holding out for too long. Don’t hold grudges, when you have an argument or she does something you dislike, talk through it and accept her apology. Forgiveness means you get to let whatever hurt you go, you get to release an anchor which is holding you back emotionally. Let it go, move on, and learn from each challenge.

Personal space: Being married shouldn’t take your space away from you because both of you guys had a previous life before you met and got married. You had your hobbies, interests, friends, etc, therefore you should respect our individual difference.

Respect Her: No matter what bad or sad moments you are going through, never lose the respect towards the other because once a bad word is said, it can never be take back. Don’t bring her to nothing with your words because you were angry and couldn’t control our temper.

Eliminate all previous romantic relationshipsThere is a reason why you didn’t marry your ex and ended up marrying your wife, so place the ‘ex’ in the past where they belong unless you have a child with that other person or your partner agrees to that friendship.

Compromise: When you put two people together in a house who come from two different backgrounds, arguments and clashes will happen, therefore learn to come to an agreement on crucial things, so you don’t end up fighting all the time and ruining our marriage.

We hope these tips help!!!


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