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7 Tips To Help You Prepare Your Child For The First Day Of School

School resumes in a few days and as much as that is a relief it also raises concerns especially for parents whose kids are just starting school. If you find yourself in such a situation you are not alone.

Many moms sometimes feel nervous and are not sure of what to expect when a child is just starting school. The first day of the school can be both exciting as well as stressful for both children and parents.

Whether your child is starting kindergarten, daycare or nursery school, here are some tips  to prepare your child for the first day of the school

1. Visit the school in advance

The first step is to visit the school in advance and familiarize yourself with the environment and teachers or caregivers.  Also, encourage your child to meet his teachers and visit his classroom on the first day at school. This way your child can become familiar with his classroom location and teachers.

2. Try to attach your child to other kids in advance

It will be scary to go to the school if your child does not know anyone in the classroom. As a parent, you can take the phone numbers of the other students from the school and make a call before the school begins. You can plan for a get-together with other parents and their children so that they will all have friends on the first day of the school.


3. Give your child a chance to socialize

It would be quite difficult for your child to make friends instantly especially if he has been home for most of his life. Therefore, allow your kids to socialize with the other kids.

You can also take your child to play groups frequently so that his social skills will develop with the interaction between other kids before the first day of the school.

4. Give a chance to your child to learn self-care skill

You have to make your child learn basic self-care skills before the school begins. It will become easier for you once the school starts. Once they learn the self-care skills, they will be able to get dressed on their own, tie their shoes without help and put their book bag together for school.

5.Ensure you ease the mind of your child

If your child is anxious about school, find out the worries he has and try to comfort his mind.  You should assure him that your teachers will be there to assist him if he has any difficulties.

6. Help your child to pack all the items a night before

Planning ahead always makes things easier. Therefore, you should help your child in packing all the items the school requested before night.

Write the name of your child on the backpack, lunch bag and so on. When you label the items of your child, they will not mix with the other children’s belongings. When you are packing all the things, explain to your child why those things are necessary for him so that he can pack to school after a few days.

7. Do a health checkup before school resumes

Before the start of a new school term, ensure your child’s health is in good condition as poor health can make it difficult for your child to benefit from the school activities.Also, find whether there are any vaccinations that should be given to your child at that age.


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