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7 Types Of Friend You Shouldn’t Hang Out With

When it comes to matters of friendship, I always say that you’d rather get yourself a puppy than hang around fake friends. No. Really…a puppy will not suddenly wake up and decide “Ugh! I don’t wanna hang out with you anymore.”

Here are types of friends you should ditch immediately!

1. The ticks

These are friends that’re only your friend for their own convenience. They want to be given a ride in your car, or live in your house, be fed, be entertained and live off you. When you stop providing for them, they ghost out on you. Oh hunni, you certainly don’t need ticks in your life!

2. The liars

These are the inconsistent kind of friends. You don’t exactly know what they do for a living or where they live because the stories they tell are so inconsistent. They are always lying about everything! Ugh! Bye Felicia!

3. The competitors

Theses ones are the ones always in a competition! You get pregnant, you find out that they’re knocked up too! You move out, they move out too! You buy a new car, they do the same. Like…chill the f*ck out! These friends want to be better than you and they just don’t get the concept of friendship. At the end of the day, we all have different paths in life no need for competition.

4. The jealous friends

The jealous friends will see you move from grass to grace and not comment or at least congratulate you. These are the kind that follow you on Instagram or Facebook and all they do is lurk and sneer! Bitter bitter souls!

5. The overly dramatic ratchet friends

You go out clubbing and they start unnecessary drama, throwing drinks at people and acting like they are filming for some ratchet reality TV show clapping hands like demons shouting “I’ll remove that stupid wig, come at me bitch!” LOL. You don’t need ratchet friends. Keep it classy boo!

6. The flaky friends

You make plans and these so called friends always cancel on you at last minute.

 7. The violent friends

The kind that are always ready to throw a punch or two. Hanging around such friends can get you arrested or involved in a court case. You might want to check your clique and re-evaluate your life!


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