7 Ways To Prepare Yourself for Labour Market While on Campus

So many things distract students on campus. From social activities to religious engagements. This is not to say they are not all good, but most times students get carried away with these engagements that they lose the essence of while they are in school and what life after college mean to them. After school, we all want be gainfully employed, and be employers of labour as the case may be. Do they come easy? No. How well should one prepare for life after campus for the labour market? Here are 7 ways how.


1. Have a Niche/Define what you want:
What’s in your hands? What can you do? What do you want? You should have answers to these questions before you step out of campus. Have a clear direction of where you are going and how to get there. You don’t want to rush at anything that comes your way but something that matches your skills and abilities.

2. Engagement/Stay Occupied: One of the beautiful things that define a wonderful stay on campus is having an active student life, by being meaningful engaged in one activity or the other. This may be Press clubs, departmental associations, fellowships, others. These associations help build your personal profile and helps you mange your time.

3. Take up Leadership Positions: The position of a Leader is admirable. Not for selfish interest, but for responsibility. And everyone is a Leader is in his own regard. While on campus, you should endeavour to take up at least a leadership position. This doesn’t necessarily mean being the Student Union or the Faculty/Departmental President, it could be ‘as low’ as the Class Monitor. Responsibility has nothing with the roles, it has to do with how you are able to work with people, solve problems, and chart a new course.

4. Network/Connections: Networks are valuable. They are platforms to build your personal life, career and exposed to lots of opportunities. While on campus, make the best of connections possible. Organise events, Attend educative conferences, meet with people, exchange business cards, follow up contacts through email. You will never know the value of these connections until it works for you. So many students have been snapped up by people and organizations while on campus simply because of how well they are able to use their networks. Be part of something great.

5. Read: There is nothing more productive than taking your time to read and study. And well, that’s the core essence of your studentship! Read whatever you can get your hands on. Research on new things. The more you read and study, the more you widen your scope.

6. Create and Build Meaningful Relationships: Relationships matter. There’s no use keeping those that won’t add value to you by your side. Campus life should not be for you to run from pillar to post, it is for you to create and build meaningful relationships that will be helpful to you outside college. While you do this, don’t look down on people. You can’t be friends with everyone (and of course, some people will never be for you, but treat them with respect. And realize you don’t need them to reach your goals.

7. Learn a Skill: Skill is very important in very one’s life. There should be something creative you can do with your hands. The reason why many technicians earns more than some graduates is because the technicians acquired more of skills than the theories the graduates were feed with when they were in campus. It can take you to places you do not expect you will ever find yourself. While on campus, you would have seen some people around you with certain skills or the other. They are many. Some even make a living from it right on campus. We cannot all use our degrees to earn, so many of us will depend on the skills we have acquired. It’s pretty important to learn a skill, and campus is a good place to do so.


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