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8 Apps Every Business Person Should Have On Their Smartphones

Basically, every sector in our world today is being controlled and managed by super computers and digital systems. These super computers play a significant role in the management of various processes and activities, without which it will be extremely difficult to keep them running efficiently. The business environment has been automated using computers and smart systems, and this has helped many businesses and companies keep tabs on their performance and efficiency.

You can’t always be around your desk in other to monitor or keep track your business activities. There are times you’d have to go on long trips, and carrying laptops along may not always be feasible. That’s where your Smartphone comes in. But first, you’ll need to make your Smartphone relevant to the type of business you operate, to do this, you’ll need to install the right business apps on your Smartphone to help you keep track of your expenses as well as manage other business responsibilities. Currently, these are trending business apps you should consider for your Smartphone:

1. Microsoft office (Android and iOS devices)

Perhaps, this is the most important business app to install on your Smartphone. Everything that has to do with office management or preparation of business plans, projects, schedules, records, presentation, emails, must at least use a word processor or a spreadsheet. You can’t use your Smartphone to manage your business effectively without having this important app.

2. Google Drive ( Android)


When you have important files that you’d like to backup or access anywhere and anytime online, the Google drive is the right app for your Smartphone. The Google drive lets you store documents and files online and this provides you a reliable backup and access to your documents and files from any location in the world.

3. OneNote and Evernote (Android and iOS respectively)


You can’t attend important meetings and functions without taking your note and a pen along. When you need to take notes – the smart and digital way, you’d need to install a note-taking app on your Smartphone such as the Microsoft OneNote, if you an android Smartphone user or the Evernote, if you an iOS Smartphone user.

4. QuickBooks (Android and iOS)


If you an accountant or a finance manager, then this app is a must-have. The Quickbook App for android and iOS devices is an app that helps you manage and keep track of your finances effectively. You could use it to track your sales, send out invoices, post entries, send out invoices, track your expenses etc. It’s free for those who already have the paid desktop version running on their PCs.


5. GoToMeeting (iOS)


The GoToMeeting app is a very important Video conferencing app you must have if you want to cut down cost on those long, boring trips or make important business decisions speedily. This app lets you host Video conferences or virtual meeting with up to 25 participants. It has a well built invitation system them lets you schedule meetings and send necessary invitations. It has an advanced speaker identification feature that helps you listen to individual contributions within groups.

6. Square Register (Android)


The Square register Is an app that lets you process credit card payments. You might be wondering if it’s suitable for small businesses to process credit card payments, yes it is. You don’t need many tools to process credit card payments, all you need to do is to download Square Register app and you’ll be mailed a credit card reader dongle. Just plug it in your Headphone jack and you are good to go. This will help you broaden the revenue earning potential of your small business, as most customers now prefer to go about with their credit cards than cash.

7. OneDrive (iOS)


This OneDrive is very much similar to Google drive, only that it’s meant for iOS device users. This app is tightly integrated with windows and it lets you access your backed up documents and files from any location on the planet while using your iPad or iPhone, as long as you have access to the internet. You can use your OneDrive app to recover lost files as well as restore your earlier backup versions because of its cloud storage system.

8. Expense Manager (Android)


Every business knows the importance of keeping tabs on expenses. This helps them determine the efficiency of their business operations as well as manage their finances appropriately. The Expenses Manager is appropriate for every entrepreneur, business man and finance specialist, who have keen eyes for figures and management. The Expenses manager has a very friendly interface that will let owners and managers of business alike, track, categorize and record their small business expenses appropriately.

Business apps are very handy, especially if you’re the type that’s always on the road or hopping from meetings to meetings. You need to equip your Smartphone with right app so that you’d be able to track and monitor your business operations effectively and efficiently, even when you are far away from the office. Some of these apps will let you access important business files and documents with just few clicks from any location on the planet as long as you are connected to the internet. Installing a few of these apps will definitely give you the edge in your business management as well as jump-start your business recovery.

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