8 Beauty Practices Doctors Advise Pregnant Women To Avoid

There are many reasons why doctors advise pregnant women to avoid dying their hair or applying make-up. As a first-time mom, the sheer information overload about pregnancy can sometimes make you overlook things that are otherwise routine; like your make-up regime for instance. And, while your concerns about the safety of make-up might not seem particularly valid, they aren’t baseless either.  But we are here to brush aside your worries. So, read on for more:

1. Applying Hair Dye During Pregnancy:
There is a biological logic why doctors ask you not to dye your hair when you are pregnant. When you expose your scalp to the range of chemicals in the hair dye, you are exposing your pores to these chemicals. And, while this may seem harmless, the chemicals are slowly, but surely, making their way into the bloodstream, and possibly even into the placenta.

2. Caring For Your Skin:
Your skin too has pores, and any topical application will percolate through the deeper layers and make way into your bloodstream. Let alone a moisturizer or a facial cream that you apply and leave; a face wash that happens to be on your face for few seconds is absorbed by your body. The same applies to anti-wrinkle and anti-aging creams. Don’t think of an acne treatment while you’re pregnant, as it could be harsh on the baby inside you. Here’s what you should stick to, and what you must avoid:

3. Oral Retinoids:
Usually used as anti-wrinkles and anti-aging factors, these contain high doses of Vitamin A that can hinder your baby’s development.

4. Salicylic Acid:
Both the topical and oral application of salicylic acid must be avoided during pregnancy because it has an aspirin-like effect, which can lead to birth defects and other complications.

5. Soy:
Though creams or lotions that contain soy are not harmful, but soy can leave your dark and blotchy. The condition is dubbed as ‘mask of pregnancy’. If you have dark skin or melasma, then you must avoid soy based cosmetics.

6. Acne Relief:
Now, this can be frustrating since your pregnancy might be the cause of your acne. You’ll want to avoid BHA, Differin, Beta hydroxy acid, Tretinoin and all Retinoids that are to be left on your face, like masks and gels. Instead, try using more natural options, which contain benign options like glycolic acid.

7. Makeup:
Most cosmetics that you use for make-up have access to the inner regions of the skin, and can reach the placenta through the bloodstream. Don’t use those two-in-one products. For instance, a make-up-cum-acne-fighting agent. It could be an excellent product but not when you are pregnant. Make sure that it is not composed of Beta hydroxy acids, BHA, Salicylic Acid, Retinoids, etc. Try products that are more natural, organic or mineral-based.

8. Waxes:
These are awesome for increasing the blood flow and volume. Wax isn’t absorbed by the skin. However, you must be wary of any irritation that you might have as your pregnant body might be going through several changes. For hair-removal creams, avoid Barium Sulfide powder or Calcium Thioglycolate.

The key is to check the labels to figure out the composition. Consult your pharmacist or druggist when in doubt.


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