8 misconceptions Nigerian women have about ‘husband material’

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Who is a “husband material” and what makes him one? The slang suggests that a man is good enough to be a husband for any woman or he’ll automatically change from being who he is after marriage.

This one-sided and false idea has led many single ladies into believing there’s only one kind of man who’s good for marriage.

According to Madamenoire here are some wrong ideas women have about ‘husband material’:

1. He must have a stable paying job, being an entrepreneur and doing his own thing doesn’t cut it. Single ladies forget that all he needs is ambition and passion.

2. He needs to be a manager in a big company with a high salary. With the only constant thing being change, a man can lose his job or company in a blink of an eye. What keeps him going is creativity.

3. He must have a good rapport with his immediate family.Some single women believe that a man from a broken home will never make a good husband.

4. He must know how to act appropriately in public. Single women have the idea of a suit and tie guy who should always say the right things, they forget that these men have to be themselves.

5. He must know how to cook, go shopping and do all the things you love to do. Single ladies, the fact you don’t share the same hobbies, doesn’t imply that he has no love for you. Try to find something you both love doing and enjoy the hobby together.

6. He hasn’t had numerous sexual partners. As long as he’s faithful , honest and never abused ladies in his past, then you are good to go.

7. He shouldn’t party anymore. If he loves to party for fun, then do it with him.

8. He must have a strong presence. Single ladies have a ridiculous idea that someone who is ‘husband material’ must command respect everywhere he goes. He should first be a father figure, listening and not tearing others down.



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