8 Reasons Why Male Beauticians Are Popular With Ladies

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Gone are the days when some jobs are meant for just a gender or class of people. These days, women are doing jobs supposedly reserved for men and more men are getting involved in the female-oriented careers and all are performing excellently.

In the beautification industry, female beauticians in Nigeria have done well for themselves by recognizing the need for everyday beauty and creatively positioning themselves to meet that need through their skills in Hair Making & fixing, pedicure and manicure, spa, facials, make-up and body massage. The unending market demand has yielded maximum profits for a whole of beauticians who are fast becoming a force to reckon with in Africa.

The tables are however turning and the tides are changing as the male folks are gradually gaining ground in the one-time female-dominated business.

In recent times, the industry has recorded an influx of men who see the market demand and economic benefits of the industry as quite promising and are as a result of efficiency, hard work and perfection are proving to be a strong competitor to their female counterpart.SalonHairlong

While both genders are doing extremely well on the job as they both have their areas of strength and weakness which customers consider before patronizing them, we discovered that the male folks are attracting more customers than their female counterparts and the eight reasons discovered as responsible for this are laid out below.


Men generally do not joke with business, they give it everything it takes and are usually sensitive to time and agreement which of course is the sole of business. They don’t have the mind for time-wasting gist which of course is not the case for most female beauticians.


Customers don’t settle for less and male beauticians don’t settle for mediocrity. They don’t stop until they have delivered a perfect job.


Most ladies like going to male beauticians not because they are better than female but because the constant touch of young handsome dude handling their hair calms their nerves. The feeling is mutual because men would line up for haircuts if there were female barbers, most male barbers would have probably been out of business by now.

Customer Service

A growing business thrives on good relationship with clients. The truth be told, male beauticians have good customers relations skills. They get along quite fine with their customers. Some of the female beauticians are not like that, If you find her working on herself in the mirror, she will first finish before turning around to tend to you. Some see you through the mirror, continue putting powder on their face while asking you what you want.


There is tendency that clients may want to complain about a particular treatment or style, male beauticians are usually calm to listen to the complaints and promptly attend to it. For instance, you might not like a particular style, if you tell him, he’d quickly readjust it. Trying that with some female beauticians could mean big trouble.


This is synonymous with men. A man can work all through the day and still be able to do even more.


A male beautician knows how to give you that beauty you want at a very minimal cost compared to a female beautician who will want you to buy all other products that will still give you the same result

Free service

Men are moved by what we see, once you are beautiful and appealing, and you know how to use your woman power, you could make your hair, do your facials, manicure and pedicure at almost not cost.


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