Here Are 8 Startup Marketing Strategies That Works All The Time

Most clients are quality oriented rather than cost oriented; it is surprising that you will find many Ghana consumers hanging out in upscale clubs such as the Citizen Kofi in spite of the high prices just because the place is premium.  The primary aim of marketing is to understand the needs of the customers and deliver them in the most profitable and cost-effective way. Therefore, your marketing strategies should focus on meeting the demands of your customers and ensure they get the highest level of utility.
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Here are top eight marketing strategies.

1. Social media strategy

Social media provides a good platform for direct interactions with the potential customers. It is a valuable technique to initiate the sale of your product or the services offered by your business. Social media is a perfect strategy especially for startups since it’s cheap, more efficient and almost free in some cases, especially in Africa where different media groups have been developed to promote entrepreneurship (such as MTN).

2. Branding strategy

A strong and unique brand identity is important in building solid products or services and introducing them to the market. The Multimedia Group in Ghana has different brands, such as Asempa FM and Joy FM, each of which exhibit a different identity and operate within products of the same category. The main aim of branding is to make known your product to your customers and outdo your competitors in the market, and should, therefore, precede the social media and quality content.

3. Quality content

Writing quality content for your product is another strategy that always works in business. It makes the foundation for search engine optimization, as well as social media. You should generate high-quality content that will attract more people to your website and that’s worth sharing.

4. Focus

Focus is an important aspect that determines the success of any marketing process. Your focus as a business person should be on the specific potential audience that can help your business grow. You should consider starting small and focus on bigger things as you progress in your business. For example, various broadcasting radio stations in Ghana targeted a mature mobile segment that prefers cool, country music, such as jazz, and this has greatly enhanced their broadcasting operations.

5. Strict budget plan

Money and other liquid assets are important aspects that you should always keep track of and account for. If you don’t keep track of your expenditure, you are likely to run out of cash even before your business gains momentum. Before you start your business, ensure that you have a sensible budget plan. From the outset, record all your transactions, and always keep your records updated. This way, you’ll be able to detect any deviations from your budget and respond accordingly and timely.

6. Inbound marketing strategy

This is an effective strategy for achieving low costs in organic leads, though it might take a longer time to grow and mature. However, it yields the best results upon maturity. As a business owner, you should consider writing blogs about your business. You can also include guest blogging in established publications, and case studies. Melcom is a crucial startup in Africa found in the Republic of Ghana. It is a recognisable example of one that has a competitive inbound marketing advantage, and it’s stance is low price-based.

7. Building trust

So as to make permanent customers, you need to build a good reputation for your business and products. You should practice speaking to your customers and get to know their likes and hates to decide what best caters for their emotions. This will help you develop loyal customers and help you create a good marketing platform. Building trust as a strategy is of particular importance for the startups that have no reputation in the community.

8. Customer satisfaction

The main goal surrounding marketing is to satisfy your customer’s needs and wants using the simplest and most cost effective methods. It is, therefore, important to keep in touch with your clients to get the feedback of their utility levels on the consumption of your products. Be flexible enough to ensure that your customers are comfortable and satisfied with your product. You could be amazed to see some of your satisfied customers volunteering to be your sales agents.


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