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Experience Every Nigerian Remembers About Secondary School

 Secondary school has to be one of the most interesting phase of a every average Nigerian. No matter what you think about your secondary school, there is something you would always remember about it. here are some t experienced  you would never forget…

1– Flogging: No one can forget the flogging that accompanies late coming, noise making or failure to do assignments. Scoring low in tests, assignments and class works put you on a highway to being flogged.

2– First crush: Almost everyone can trace their first crush to their secondary school but the whole crush thing can go very wrong when that teacher who likes to punish comes to your class and then something goes wrong then the teacher decides to flog you in front of your crush.

3– Ugly uniform: Half of the time, most people don’t like their uniform and the fact that you have to wear them everyday makes it even worse.

4– White socks: Who can forget the horror of washing those socks and trying to keep them white? Absolutely no one.

5– Wicked Teacher: Every secondary school has that one teacher who no one wants to cross path with because he/she doesn’t temper justice with mercy.

6– Nicknames: Nicknames stamped in at secondary school are usually the most difficult to to remove. Most people get nicknames, usually inspired by body shape, attitude or a scenario that happened in school.

7– Bulky Friday Assignments: Have you met a student who likes assignments? If they exist, they are as hard to find as finding an honest person in a prison. Students hated this a lot. Teachers have no idea it is called weekend for a reason.


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