7 Ways To Get An Amazing Bargain In Port Harcourt

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Getting an awesome bargain can be exciting! The head-rush from knowing that you saved 50 percent on a leather jacket is rewarding and Port Harcourt’s massive development due to the large oil deposit in the state has made it a choice destination for merchants trading exotic pieces.

Learn some local slangs

Ikwerre is one of the major dialects spoken in Port Harcourt and learning how to communicate with a bit of it can boost your chances of bagging a good bargain. From experience, the trader or attendant will readily give you a healthy discount just because you made the attempt.


If the seller gives you an initial selling price, you should respond by offering to the pay the lowest rate possible. The trader will hustle to get you to raise your offer but politely stick to your price. Imagine buying a product for N3,000 when the price you were initially told is N7,000. That’s a smart deal.

While at the market, you should also take the opportunity to sample the quality and cost of other products you will probably need at a later date…for benchmarking purposes, of course!

Port Harcourt Open Market Rivers State Shopping


Patronize formal places

If you can’t cope with the hassle of going to the street-market, then patronizing formal places like malls, classy boutiques and restaurants where you are certain of paying a fixed price is the way to go. However, note that you may be paying more for the product or service as there will be a higher guarantee on quality at premium stores.

Shop around

This is akin to sampling the prices of the product you want in more than one store. It will give you a good idea of the actual cost of the product and help you decide how much to pay for it. Women are naturally experts at this but the menfolk can pick this skill; it is not a bad idea!
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Bargain with a smile

Being courteous when you visit a market like Oyigbo or Ogbunabali Market can win you the favour of the shop attendant assigned to you. Although, some people would consider this as counter-productive but it really works. Smiling will break the ice.

Go on a shopping tour

Take a tour around the market with a friend or colleague who knows the vicinity well. If you are about town alone, simply ask passers-by how much the price for the service is and they will give you a fair answer. Nigerians are some of the nicest people on the planet…even Forbes thinks so.


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