How Tangerine Benefits Our Body May Surprise You

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I cannot but remember those days as a primary school pupil, most of my friends would always preferred tangerines over the regular oranges because it can be easily shared among friends. We all loved to consume the seeded fruit without knowing the benefits.

When the season of tangerine is here, you start seeing every road side fruit seller displaying some of this nutrient loaded fruit that has the capacity to put you on the path of good living. Although, tangerine and the common orange have similarities in shape and size, it is important to note that they have some differences in their nutrition profile.

dancy tangerine

In this short post, I will be sharing with you some of the two major reasons you should consume adequate amount of this juicy fruit this season.


While many families place emphasis on consuming adequate amount of protein and carbohydrate, very few individuals have deemed it healthy to consume some servings of fibre on daily basis. Tangerine is one of those fruits that is rich in fibre; a special type of carbohydrate that is not converted to sugar.

Fibre helps you avoid constipation, can be used in weight management and reduces cholesterol levels. What makes tangerine a healthy choice for me is that I find it easier to consume the whole fruit with the fibre than the common oranges. It also has the advantage of being easy to consume by children.


A good and smooth skin is one quality most ladies are hunting for. While they spend their savings on buying various creams and lotion, most of them are unaware of the fact that they can achieve a better result by mere modification of their diets and including a fruit like tangerine. 

According to data provided by two citrus fruit studies published in the Journal of Food Composition and Analysis in 2006, mandarin oranges (tangerines) beat other common citrus fruits in terms of hesperidin content.

It was reported that even sweet oranges and lemons — which are praised for their high concentration of hesperidin — could not beat the mandarin orange in this respect.  Hesperidin is a flavonoid which has strong antioxidant properties that helps protect the skin against damages from free radicals.

Also, as one ages, collagen; a special protein begins to break down at a super fast rate, and therefore tangerine and other foods high in vitamin c that help promote collagen formation which are good for (older) men and women.

In conclusion, one or two tangerines  have enough amount of antioxidant that will be protective against free radicals which have been found to cause degeneration destroying normal cells. But with antioxidant Vitamin A and C, protection from  from cancer, inflammation and ageing can be achieved.

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