3 Craziest Things Men Do When They Are In Love

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When it comes to relationships, women actually think men are not really into it because we show no emotions, but the fact is, we are humans too and we do a lot of other things that you will marvel if you should see us doing them, just that we are good at hiding them. Don’t ask why, I think it’s just an ego thingy So to reveal some of the secrets, here are 5 things a man will do if he really likes you.

We don’t do the same for every woman though and so if you want to find out if we are really doing this, you might want to become friends with our siblings so they can spy on us and tell you some of the things we do You should be rest assured that if you send us a romantic text message, we re-read it at any smallest chance we get, especially a simple text such as, “Honey, I’m horny”. Trust me, we can read that text till thy kingdom come.

This is just to keep you in our minds and nothing much. You might not know this but usually we hate most of the people you hate and the guys that love you. If you keep telling us negative things about some of your female friends and make it clear how you hate them, we’re likely to hate them too without you knowing. And if we notice another guy is into you, we’re likely to hate them too. You should know now.

#1. We Could Love You More Than You Know It A guy could pretend he is not really into you, but trust me, he could be more crazy about you than you know it. It’s just a way of preventing you from seeing our weak side. We also feel it might throw you off, we see it as a sign of weakness showing you how emotional we are about you, so you don’t take us for granted.

#2. We Stalk You On Social Media If a guy is really into you, trust me, he usually checks you out on twitter, facebook, badoo, hi5, instagram etc. you name it. He’s surely going to check on all your pages to see what you do, without ever informing you of what he does.

He will surely read everything you post, every picture and activity. Even if he doesn’t comment or share them, he checks them. You are likely not to know he does this, but truth is, he does it. That’s when he’s really into you.

#3. We Spend More Time On Our Appearance Even if we’re not going to meet you or see you anywhere, we still spend more time on our hygiene and appearance and dress better than you might know. 

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