9 Damaging Habits To Give Up NOW For The Sake Of Your Marriage

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No marriage is perfect, but if you want to create the happiest, healthiest marriage you can have, you should consider giving up this nine damaging things.

1. The need to be right all the time

I hate to break it to you, but you aren’t right all the time. In fact, sometimes you are dead wrong. Everyone has times when they fall on either side of the fence. Insisting that you are always right will never resolve anything in your marriage, and it just makes you look stubborn. And even if you are right, rubbing it in your spouse’s face isn’t necessary. You can be right and humble.

2. Being critical

Criticism rarely sits well with people unless that criticism is extremely constructive and delivered in the right tone. Your spouse needs your support and compassion a lot more than he or she needs your criticism. Before you get too critical, think about what it will accomplish. The answer is probably NOTHING.

3. Raising your voice

It doesn’t work with children, and it definitely doesn’t work with adults. You have to learn how to communicate—even in times of anger and frustration—without yelling at your spouse. When you yell, the other person doesn’t really hear your message. Yelling makes people shut down.

4. Being disrespectful

Respect is at the foundation of every healthy marriage. If you want your marriage to last, being disrespectful toward your spouse is not the way to do it.

5. Telling your friends and family everything


It’s okay to vent and seek out advice, but sharing all of your marital problems with other people often leads to trouble. The world doesn’t need to know the details about what’s going wrong in your marriage, and you don’t need the world to think your spouse is a jerk just because you shared details about one fight.

6. Pointing fingers

The blame game never helps to resolve anything. Stop pointing fingers. And start examining what your role is and what you can do to change things. You can’t change anyone but yourselves.

7. Keeping things bottled up

I was guilty of this at one point in my marriage. When you keep things bottled up, they remain unresolved; and unresolved issues always resurface. Take some time if you need to, but be sure to address issues and concerns as they come up.

8. Your baggage

Give it up. Let it go. Move on. Your baggage has no place in your marriage. I am not suggesting your baggage or pain isn’t real, but you have to be able to work through it and move on. If you need counseling or therapy, please consider it because holding on to the past while trying to build a future is unhealthy.

9. Unreasonable expectations

Your spouse can’t meet all of your needs, and expecting anyone to meet all of your needs is unreasonable. You have to have realistic expectations if you want your marriage to work. When you expect someone to give you what you should be giving yourself, resentment will surely follow.

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