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9 Special Prayer Points Every Nigerian Need To Pray Everyday

Nigerians praying

To survive in Nigeria, everybody needs prayers fervently. So, we decided to make a list of special prayer points that will help you in Nigeria.


Here are some of them, don’t forget to share with the people you care about!

1. ‘May my destiny not escape me while I’m in Lagos traffic.’

Serious prayer, because Lagos people spend most of their lives in traffic.

lagos, lagos traffic


2. ‘May the money in my account rise like puff puff.’

For those who have seen puff puff rise, you know this is a legit prayer.


3. ‘May NEPA take light when my enemies are looking for me.’

Since they always take the light, they should take it at a useful time.



4. ‘May God anoint me against every Yoruba demon.’

yoruba guys

5. ‘Just like nobody can tell if agbalumo is sweet or not, may God not let my enemies know my plans.’


6. ‘May God disappoint my enemies like a Nigerian tailor.’

nigerian tailor

7. ‘Anybody who does not wish me well, May God delay their blessing like an Arik flight.’


8. ‘May I have more Goodluck than Jonathan.’


9. ‘May my life be filled with as many blessings as the orisirisi in efo riro.’

efo riro

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