9 Struggles Every Nigerian Born On A Leap Year Will Understand

1. When you tell someone your birthday and they start laughing.

chewing gum side eye

So what is now funny?

2. When your friends are happy because they only give you gifts once in four years.


You cheapskates!

3. When people won’t stop making jokes about how ‘young’ you are.


It was funny at first.

4. When your one-in-four-years birthday falls on a Monday.


Nice one, universe.

5. When people think you’re lying when you tell them you were born on leap year.

what saying

Really? That’s something to lie about?

6. When you realize that after today, you actually have no birthday for another four years.



7. So you try to cram many activities into the one day.

smile 4


8. And then you just think, this is all your parents’ fault.


You couldn’t wait.

9. And when your birthday is finally over, you have to wait forever for your next real birthday.

still waiting



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