9 Things That Will Happen If You Don’t Eat Meat

red meat
red meat

Eating meat or abstaining from it completely is a personal choice. While some people cannot even fathom the thought of giving up meat, others may realize a vegetarian lifestyle is healthier and more sustainable. When it comes to your diet and health, it is extremely important to make a well-informed decision. Whether you decide to eliminate meat from your diet or simply cut back, you must know how it will affect your body.

What actually happens to your body when you stop eating meat? Lets take a look at them….

1. You lose weight: You can’t imagine how much weight a person loses if they switch from being an omnivore to a vegetarian.

2. Your heart heart improves: Inflammation is your body’s defense mechanism against an attack by disease-causing microorganisms and viruses. However, certain foods like meat are inflammatory and may allow the inflammation to persist. Persisting inflammation is an underlying cause of major diseases, including heart disease.

3. Your chances of living longer increases: Eating meat, particularly red meat and processed varieties, may shorten your life span. Replacing meat in your diet with vegetarian sources of protein, such as dairy products, legumes and nuts, may increase your life span.

4. Your gut bacteria will change: The saying goes you are what you eat, and that relates to your digestive system as much as any other part of your body. vegans have more protective species of gut bacteria.

5. You could become deficient in nutrients: A balanced vegetarian or vegan diet can provide enough nutrients with enough planning. But it can be harder to get enough iron, vitamin D and vitamin B12. Eating enough pulses, such as beans and lentils, nuts, fruit, dark green vegetables, wholegrains, and cereals with fortified irons can help to get enough of the substance. Eggs, fortified fat spreads, cereals and some milks can be a . of vitamin D.

6. Your risk of developing cancer could drop: A recent World Health Organisation report classed processed meat as carcinogenic, and so products such as bacon and salami found themselves categorized alongside formaldehyde, gamma radiation and cigarettes. Red meat was also labelled as “probably” having cancer causing properties.

7. As well as your chance of having heart disease: Scientists recently found that red meat is linked to heart disease. Carnitine, a nutrient found in the food, sets of gut microbe reactions which contribute to the development of heart disease.

8. You prevent diabetes or manage it well: Insulin resistance is a condition in which the body begins resisting insulin, the hormone that controls high blood sugar levels. This leads to Type 2 diabetes. Weight gain, especially abdominal weight, is associated with the development of diabetes. A low-calorie vegetarian diet controlled abdominal weight and regulated the insulin sensitivity in diabetic patients.  Red meats, especially processed varieties, contain high amounts of sodium, nitrates and nitrites, all of which promote insulin resistance by inhibiting the activity of beta cells responsible for producing insulin.

9. Your acne will increase: Meat is a rich source of vitamin B12, an excess of which can trigger an acne breakout. This is the reason people whose diets are meat-dominated break out more frequently than occasional meat eaters and vegetarians. Researchers noted that the skin pathways responsible for producing vitamin B12 are different in acne-prone individuals from those without acne.


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