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9 Times Cee C Has Shown She is the Most Controversial BBNaija 2018 Housemate

There is no doubt that BB Naija 2018housemate is trending right now and has always trended for being controversial.


She has said, acted, and behaved in a manner which made people love her the ore or just wondered what planet she came from.

There number of times people have to do a double take when it comes to Cee C is astounding and will wonder why her? What makes her special?

These are 9 times that Cee C has trended on social media.

1. 45 million is chicken change

At the early stages of the show, Cee C declared that she can make over 45 million naira in a week if she wants to and she doesn’t need the show. This got viewers wondering that if she could actually make that kind of money in a short period of time, then her presence in the show was for what then?

2. When she was paired with Lolu

This actually happened because of she and Lolu’s pride to give in to each other. during the week where they were paired to another housemate for a day, Cee C and Lolu had the unfortunate time of their lives. The two were thickheaded and did not want the other to have their way. Things became more serious when Cee Cbroke the harness that was holding them together, hurting Lolu in the groin in the process

This got the two of them two strikes and an indefinite paring which both did not like. It gave Lolu the of holding  Cee C on a leash whenever she was about to go on a rampage.


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