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9 Ways To Improve Your Memory

 You might need your memory for many things in life as it`s always connected with work. Everyone can simply improve their memory capabilities if they do not suffer from memory conditions. How to improve your memory? Therefore, you can use a variety of mnemonic methods to improve your memory every day.

Nevertheless, you should understand that this type of work requires some kind of dedication. From the first steps it can be called a time consuming thing. Therefore, you might not expect quick results. Still, if you do everything right, then you might expect results from your work. In this article you will be given some ways to improve your memory.

Mnemonic devices

Mnemonic devices

Associations to remember facts

Our memory work in drastically funny way. It means that you can use it in more interesting variations than you might have ever thought. Therefore, if you have an idea to improve your memory, then you might need to create a beautiful picture in your brain regarding association. If you have a tendency to place your car keys into purse, then you might need to imagine your purse on wheels. It will surely help you to memorise, that your keys are inside of the purse. You should remember that the more unique associations you create in your memory, the better your memory will be.

Associations to remember numbers

If you have problems with forgetting numbers, then you might use the same tool of association to improve this part. If you keep forgetting your mobile number, then you might try to divide it into smaller parts as one of the ways to improve your memory. For example, you have an idea to remember number 12-23-19-98-10, you might simply divide it into few parts. If you think about umber twelve, then try to memorize that it`s the last month in the year – December. Number 23 is a number of Michel Jordan. 19 is the age of your girlfriend, 98 is the year she was born and ten is the day of her birthday.

Chunking method

Chunking method

It`s a method, when you have a tendency of grouping things together to memorize them. You can perfectly use the chunking method, when you have a desire to memorize a list of shopping products. Instead of memorizing everything at once – you may need to memorize categories, for example fruits, vegetables and other things. Therefore, instead of memorizing products – you will memorize categories and you will be able to perfectly find the products you need in these categories. This method of “how to improve your memory” can be used not only with shopping lists, but also with many other things.


You shouldn`t be a poet to memorise some things and to make some silly rhymes. It`s quite a good technique for children when they try to learn alphabet or numbers. Moreover, children can memorise anything with rhymes, and the same goes for the people who are a little bit older. Nevertheless, you can also use some silly rhymes, like “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” to memorise things in the adult life.

Acronyms memory


It`s another wonderful variety of things you can use to improve your memory. Acronyms are used to remember and memorize a great variety of things. You may try to use acronyms when you have an idea to go to the store, it means that you can use CAPB instead of carrots, apples, potatoes and beans. With acronyms you can remember a great variety of things, like USSR – which goes to the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. There are many other things in life for which you can use acronyms if you have a desire to find ways to improve your memory.


It`s similar to acronyms, but now instead of using just letters you can use silly sentences to remember things. Therefore, you have a desire to memorise the order and the names of the planets in our Solar System, like Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, then you might use the sentence, like “My very evil mommy just sold us nuts”. It`s stupid, but it`s quite simple to understand and memorise/ Moreover, it can help you to work with another method of memorising things, like using associations. Therefore, you can create your silly sentence you like to memorise things and improve your memory.

Method of Loci

Method of Loci

This method has been used since the ancient times. You would need to associate things with their location in the house. It means that if you have a desire to memorise something, then you need to imagine a house, where you can set everything you need connected to the things you have a desire to memorize. One of the basic methods for using Loci is saying things, like “in the first place”, “in the third place” and so on. Therefore, you can quickly organise things in your memory and find nice ideas of placing some objects in your house. Therefore, you can understand how to improve your memory every day.

You have a good memory

You should stop thinking that you have a bad memory. You may not understand, but our thoughts become real, and if you have an idea that you have a bad memory, then you will have it. Too many people just try to justify their laziness in remembering things. Nevertheless, you should start thinking that you have a good memory for remembering things. It means that you would need just a little effort for making these thoughts to improve your memory.

You have a good memory

How to improve your memory?


You do understand that if you have a desire to be a strong man and get some muscles – you would need to go to the GYM and start exercising. The same goes for your brain activity, but instead of lifting the heavy weight you might need to use some books to improve your memory. You might need to use some puzzles and logical games to work out your memory. Try to use some puzzles and riddle solving every day to train your brain in thinking something new. You can also try to do homework with your kid to create new challenges for your brain.

Time to form your memory

Memories can be very fragile elements of your life. It means that you need some time to memorize a simple phone number or a shopping list. Still, you need to give some time to your memory to relax. It does not mean that you should be distracted by something else. It can only make things worse. It means that you can take a rest, but do not do something other. You shouldn`t be distracted with something else, just give your memory a brief time to think and start memorising procedure again.

More pictures

How to improve your memory?

More pictures

People have a tendency to forget about things not because their memory is bad, but because their observation skills need enhancing. Therefore, if you make some little efforts in memorising your new acquaintance name or something, then you might get a better chance of improving your memory. You can work this method out with photos. Try to take an album with photos, pen and a sheet of paper. You need to choose one of the pictures and look at this picture for few seconds, then close the album. Now you need to write down as many details about this picture as you remember. Try to repeat this procedure at least once per day, and you will get the answer on “what can improve your memory”.

Use all sense

You can stimulate all parts of the brain to remember things. The more parts of the brain are active during memorising session, the better the chances of memorizing things. You can perfectly write out all necessary things you have a desire to remember. This will certainly stimulate your brain and provide better chances of triggering information when it`s needed. You may also recite information and read it out loud, so you can have better chances to involve more senses into the memorising process.

Use environment

You would need to change the normal location of things to try to remember anything. If you have an idea of not forgetting where your keys are, then try to place them into refrigerator. Therefore, every morning when you have a desire to make a breakfast – you will find keys in the refrigerator. Therefore, if you understand that tomorrow is a special day for someone, then you can simple wear your wrist watch on the other hand. It means that when you try to watch the time – you might get some interesting ideas of a special day for some of your friends or relatives. Here you find the best way to improve your memory.

Use environment

How to improve your memory?


It`s a fascinating thing for learning foreign languages, and you can still use it when you have a desire to memorise something else. You can use flash cards to a question on the one side and answer on the other side. Moreover, you can also systemize your flashcards and choose topics you like. Nevertheless, you need to remember to play with flashcards every day. It`s one of the best ways to improve your memory.

No exam tricks

It`s natural that before the exam day we struggle to learn every word in our books. You might have taken some crazy nights with friends or tried to kick your record in some computer games. Still, you did not notice that tomorrow you need to be prepared for an exam. Therefore, you have only one night, and you have an intention to revise all the material for one night. It can be a good idea for using your short memory to memorize things, but you should also understand that it will not be beneficial for your long-term memory. It means that if you have a desire to improve your memory in the long-run, then you need to avoid learning everything in one night. Try to learn the information piece by piece every day, and you will get much better results.

Say things aloud

How to improve your memory?

Say things aloud

You would need to announce things if you have a desire to remember them perfectly. If you have troubles by memorizing for have you taken your medicaments – then you need to say to yourself that: “I have taken medications” when you are taking them. Therefore, if you have a desire to remember person’s name, then you might need to say it aloud every time you meet this person.

Breathe deeply

When there is a time for studying something new in your schedule, then try to make your breath deeper. Our brain works differently with making the breath slower and deeper. It means that when you have more relaxed conditions and have an idea of memorizing things – your brain will activate more parts. It will be switched to other nerve waves; that can help you to improve your memory.

Write names on the forehead

If you have a person whose name you have a desire to memorise, then try to write down the name on the forehead of the person mentally. Therefore, every time you see that person – you can quickly trigger your memory and memorize the name.

Exercise daily

If you have an idea of making your memory better, then you might also like the idea of getting your body better. According to some studies, our body works in harmony, it means that you have to concentrate not only on improving one of the parts of your body, but also others. Physical exercises can help you to be more alert and relaxed at the same time. Therefore, it can allow you to create better mental pictures of your memory. Moreover, exercises also can help the blood flow to your brain and make it filled with oxygen quicker. Regular physical exercises every day can be quite a method to improve your memory.

Eat right

If you have a desire to make your memory good for remembering things, then you might need to start eating right. Our brain takes supplements from the outside and poor eating can be a problem for your memory. You need to feed your brain with supplements, like Vitamin B-6, Niacin and Thiamine. If you have a desire to improve your memory, then try to take some Omega-3 fatty acid. You can found this acid in salmon. You may also like to feed your brain with healthy fats, red meat, chickpeas, walnuts, blueberries, broccoli, curry and green tea.

eat right

How to improve your memory?

You may also need to take six small portions of meals every day instead of taking three large portions. It will certainly improve the mental functions of your brain and can help you to improve your memory.

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