From Pampered Eyes to Glowing Skin: Great Tips to get you Ready for your Wedding

When a wedding is coming up, everyone seems to be bothered about the dress, shoes, hair and makeup; which is alright. But no one cares much about the body wearing the dress, the head rocking that gorgeous hairstyle or the feet slipping into those lovely shoes.

The most basic things that should have been considered much earlier (I wouldn’t say forgotten) are not handled properly.

If you really want to look smashing for your wedding, start grooming yourself earlier to be that beautiful goddess everyone stares at. Brides, you all need to up your game because you’re definitely not the only one reading this and we certainly don’t want any other persons looking better than the bride.

We all know the basic beauty routine – cleanse, tone and moisturize, though the toning part of the regime gets skipped a whole lot of times. To be extremely fresh and gorgeous on your big day, these beauty regimes shouldn’t be your worry. What you need to focus on is preparing your body internally and externally to absolve your special beauty routine.

For example; in order to get the best out of a moisturizing cream, you need to properly exfoliate and cleanse the skin. Finding the perfect products for your skin is like doing community service, especially now that there are gazillions of products out there.

Believe it or not you need at least 6 months or more to groom your skin, so any beauty product would work better on it. Excess beauty and grooming activities just days before you say “I do” will only make you more stressed on the day you’re supposed to look poised and fabulous.

Here are some of the right things to do and consider to look unbelievably gorgeous or your special day.

Plan Ahead
It’s best to plan ahead because you need 6 months to effectively groom your skin to look flawless and stunning.

Make an anticipated schedule of your crucial health and beauty needs. Internally, you need to get good multivitamins to start the process. Also, start munching on skin fruits like water-melon, paw-paw, apples, grapes, bananas, cucumber and others.

The Hair
The hair is very important because it your crowning glory. Try to leave your hair relaxer free for 3 months out of your 6 months grooming rituals. After each quarter relax your hair, the end of the next quarter will be towards your day and will be the second time you relax the hair. This technique will make your hair fuller and less stressed.Getting your Body Ready for your Wedding - BellaNaija - September 2013005

While you’re at it, it’s better to wear braids or wigs and moisturize the hair every two weeks with Castrol oil to facilitate growth. For those of us with natural hair just continue doing what you’ve always done and get a good stylist to style your hair on that day.


The Eyes
Planning a wedding can be extremely stressful, so you need to ensure your eyes are eye-bag free and bright. You need to start this earlier because you wouldn’t want your eyes red, heavy and displeasing on that day.

Always rest your eyes – they say a lot about you. In your schedule make it a point of duty to get at least 7 hours of sleep. Every other two days pamper your eyes with a slice of cucumber placed on each on them for as long as possible and moisturize with olive oil. If your eyes are really dim and tinted, go to your optician to recommend a good eye-drop for you.Getting your Body Ready for your Wedding - BellaNaija - September 2013004

The Lips and Teeth
No one wants to get married with chapped lips and of course there will be lots of lip locking. So get a good lip-balm and moisturize your lips with it.

If your lips are severely chapped, make a scrub with honey and brown sugar, then gently scrub your lips with the mixture gently. As for the teeth, there are a lot of teeth whitening pastes in the market. Chose a good brand and start using it as soon as possible for maximum results.

The Skin
This is the most important of looking good on your day. Even though makeup has advanced, it’s vital that you ensure your skin looks its best. It’s a special day for you, you’ve got no other choice than to glow.Getting your Body Ready for your Wedding - BellaNaija - September 2013003

To achieve this, you need to plan ahead. In addition to taking your multivitamins, start taking your bath with a bath-brush. Get a very good cleansing bar (there are lots to choose from) and facial scrub. Use the bath-brush daily on your body and scrub your face every other 2 days with the facial scrub. Try not to scrub too hard and like we all know, when scrubbing do it in a circular motion (it opens your pores better to take in any treatment).

Lastly, use a cream that has the ability to moisturize, firm, make your skin vibrant and bring it back to life. For your face, get a good face cream and for those that usually break-out, use an anti-bacterial face cream.

The Feet
Get a pedicure every month and avoid tight shoes to avoid getting corns. On your own scrub your feet with a body scrub every other day and always cream your feet more, or better still use a foot cream. Once in a while massage your feet with Shea-butter (ori).Getting your Body Ready for your Wedding - BellaNaija - September 2013002

Sounds stressful and a lot, but looking good is certainly not a day’s job. It’s hard work, devotion, planning and determination. Looking good through this method, lasts forever, anything gotten easy is temporary and may lead to unpleasant conditions.

Once you’ve done all this, you can go to a Spa 2 weeks before your wedding and you would be amazed at your beautiful turnout.

If you can do this and make it part of you beauty routine, indeed you’ll be the star of your big day with not contest. If you have any other tips on how to prepare your body for your big wedding day, don’t forget to share.

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