World Top 11 Honeymoon Spots


You need to think that at the moment of planning your honeymoon you should forget about your work and the daily stresses of your life. If you are still not sure which place is the most romantic for you and your husband, have a look at the best ten honeymoon spots we have chosen for you.

11 – Greece


This is most picturesque place in Europe and there are not only secluded beaches but also a very active nightlife. There are so many things to see and do in Greece that you will love the country and its people. Since not many people get to Greece you will be able to enjoy the privacy and romance that fill the air during the day and the lively nightlife will allow you to relish the best moments of your honeymoon.

10– Kashmir


This heavenly paradise is one of the best honeymoon spots because of the many different aspects that it has to offer during the year. Enjoy some time in Kashmir where you will be able to see snowy mountains, gentle wind, idyllic lakes, happy atmosphere and lush green gardens.

9– Italy


This is a jaw-dropping place perfect for blissful honeymooners mainly because of its great landscapes and also because it is a peaceful honeymoon spot that will allow you to spend some time with your couple. If you want to have memories for years to come of the perfect honeymoon, then you need to go to this idyllic place.

8- Africa 


7 – Bora Bora

Bora Bora

This spectacular island is Located in the French Polynesia and it is world-famous for its stunning views and unspoiled landscapes that have been part of several Hollywood movies. This out-of-this-world island is the perfect honeymoon spot to make your trip unforgettable.

6 – Mauritius


This is exactly the place that couples going on their honeymoon are looking for. This honeymoon spot is the ideal destination for couples who have recently got married and want to enjoy jaw-dropping views as well as sandy beaches drenched with sunshine all day long.

5 – Aruba


Honeymooners will find that this place is a beautiful mixture of customs, friendliness, wildlife, excitement and culture that will make their stay unforgettable.

4 – Switzerland


As a matter of fact, this honeymoon spot is a place worth visiting if you want to relish some good memories for years to come. The best thing about this paradise country is that there are a lot things to do and see and that will find it really difficult to spare some time in bed.

3 – Hawaii


This world famous honeymoon spot has stunning views and amazing wildlife. People sometimes refer to this island as a paradise for lovers since it has many private areas that house the best resorts that offer luxury accommodation and five-star services.

2 – Seychelles


This honeymoon spot would take a ten out of ten in terms of beauty and entertainment. Even when this spot is not really famous, it is important to say that the majority of newly wed couple chooses it because of the great variety of things to do and see it has to offer.

1 – Jamaica


This stunning mixture of nature and warmth is the ideal place for honeymooners. You will note that the island is full of colors, there’s culture everywhere and that the views are really enticing for a passionate night with your couple. Newly wed couples will surely have the chance to relish unforgettable experiences in this honeymoon spot.

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