10 Things You Can Do To Have Fun When Home-Alone

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So you’re home alone and you’re done with watching the entire Home Alone series? Don’t tell me you could not pinpoint on some exuberant and fantastic ways to get the house down and have fun all the while. Oh, maybe you want things the easy way out.. or is it? So while being home alone can be extremely boring and full of responsibilities but with them comes the fun of doing as you please, and if you believe me (not like you got an option) I’d rather hit the bed, pretend like I am dead and wake up to watch an entire season of Sex and the City. Or maybe I’d settle for One Tree Hill, oh that fetish I have for Brooke David and Clothes over Bros. But maybe that’s not your idea of fun, but then you got Xbox too, and that sure is an idea of fun and frolic. Not that? Here’s how you make the deal so much better for you.

10. Clean the place (Even if first you’ve to make it messy)

clean the mess

So believe you me, you’ll feel prouder than the president of the United States after getting the mess handled. You’d probably start believing that you could offer cleaning services and make huge money. Yeah, that’s the entire idea about making it messy, clicking a picture, and then clearing the mess. You’d have the before and after picture and you’d be oh so proud to have pulled that off. And maybe then you can hit your bedroom too, messy as it is, you don’t even have to do the messing it up part again. It’s fun, it’s tiring and then you’d sleep like it’s nobody’s business. Well, it actually isn’t

9. Make yourself a Photo Wall (Or a Collage)


Remember those times as a kid when time off studies meant you’ll get crafty and all of that. Get back to those good old days and get out the oldest photo albums you can place in the house. Watch through old pictures, remember old memories (you’d be bursting in laughter in some of them). Shortlist on the few which have to them the best stories attached and get working on a photo wall or photo collage already. So by the time you’re not so alone and bored, you’ll have a pretty thing to boast of and you’d get all the accolades.

8. Get friends to sneak in and host a house party


Now that might not be the idea of having fun while alone because you ain’t staying alone anymore but it’s like having fun all the way. Call in those friends who’d be up for a house party, shortlist on a playlist which will bring the house to the floor and call in for pizza delivery. Or maybe you could just tell each of your friends to get some beer cans and grab some chips and sandwiches and you’ll be done for the next few hours. Make sure though that the neighbours don’t call in the police.

7. Create looks and pretend to be like celebrities (and get clicked)


Now this one’s going to be a hell lot of fun once you’re done with the photo shoot. Get temporary hair colours, style your hair like all of them, from Presley to Rihanna, get the makeup done (you’ll be brushing up on your makeup skills too). Accessorize a lot, and be proud of how many looks would you pull of. Click pictures, make a snapchat story and click a lot of selfies. You’re sure going to have some fun. Don’t try Lady Gaga looks though (Ending up with raccoon eyes is not your idea of fun, or is it?)

6. Enjoy Drunkenness and record yourself

And then maybe there are times you can point out nothing better to do. Go high on the alcohol (but if only it hits you enough to get you high). Get high, own that dance and all this while record yourself. Maybe the next time you’re home alone, you’ll never be as bored for you’ll have something to watch and laugh your guts out. Believe me, if you get high, the funniest thing to do is to watch yourself in action. Beware though, there’s certain age limitations attached and adhere to them. Don’t blame me on not warning.

5. Go all out online shopping (or maybe just escape to a mall)


Now for the girls that’s like having the world to themselves, but if they’ve got money enough to purchase all they want. So check what the stores got to offer for you and have lots and lots of stuff all for yourself. But if you choose of going out and visiting the mall, be sure you’ve turned off all water supplies and anything that could catch fire is not on risk. Make sure you’ve locked the doors and windows well and maybe then you could own the day. Don’t get yourself that Cartier ring or the Chopard watch. The credit on your card has to be paid back, just to remind you of it!

4. Pretend like you’re napping and get conscious dreams


So maybe you haven’t quite figured out what then is it that you want from life, or maybe you’re one of those people who end up not remembering their dreams. Or maybe like my brother who places himself in star wars and those are the only dreams he has. So a good option when you’re home alone and there is no one in close vicinity to disturb you off your spinning of yarns, get that comforter, hit the mattress and pretend like you’re asleep and consciously think of everything you want from your life. Why that? After a few minutes you’d be in the middle of being asleep and awake and that is when you’ll conscious dreams you’ll remember. So let that be that and dream of whatever you want to, even if its marrying someone like Bill Clooney Jobs!

3. Cook yourself a meal, bring the kitchen down.


Like really? Yes much the more really. Start by trying to bake yourself a cake even if you ultimately settle down on grabbing yourself some whipped cream, waffles and strawberry. You know why? Because it’s incredible fun to spend a day in the kitchen trying to do something constructive and end up making nothing, just only creating a mess and wasting supplies. Alright, not so much fun when mom takes the call, but weren’t we home alone? And maybe then we can return to cleaning the mess we create.

2. Pretend like there’s a monster


And no, there is no kidding happening there. I am only as serious that the monsters exist as Obama was on visiting the Taj Mahal on his visit to India. Alright, whatever, but you’ll have to agree that when you’re home alone even the gurgling noise of the Bathtub finally draining can get you out to freak enough of imaging the creepiest ghosts appear out of it. So maybe we could play a game on that, we’ll pretend like there’s a monster and you’ve to protect yourself of it. So maybe you could dish out pillows, or go fishing for that old gun you had to shoot monsters down. Initially its stupid, but with time it would be incredibly funny.

1. Watch all the horror films (and pretend like they’re real)


And when there’s nothing else you do, you grab a bowl of popcorn and settle down with some DVD’s. Moreso, horror films that will creep you out. Darken the room and let the only light be from the television set across, and chances are if it’s a horror film, there’d be no light at all. Believe that the ghosts are for real and imagine how you’d fight them off. Get Zac Efron to kiss me if I’m wrong but the conjuring went up in your head for real right? And if Zac Efron kisses me, you didn’t try hard enough to believe that the horror films can happen for real. So rewind, pause and play again and this time maybe we could exchange Zac Efron for Ian


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