6 Ways How To Survive This Harmattan Season

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It’s that time of the year again; Harmattan season is here. This is season you need to take extra care to protect yourself from elements such as – the biting cold, dust and sometimes too bright sunlight.

86172754 01 carmudi

See 6 things you can do to help you survive this harmattan season:

1. Drink plenty of water
Drinking plenty of water prevents you from getting dehydrated this season.

2. Wear warm clothes
Harmattan often comes with unbearable cold, make sure you cover up properly.

3. Use oily creams
Skin cracking is quite common this season, the only way to avoid it is by using very oily creams on your skin.

4. Wash your fruits and vegetables with extra care
During harmattan, there’s more dust everywhere. Fruits and vegetables need to washed with extra care to avoid eating pathogens.

5. Get a lip balm
If you love your lips, better get a lip balm. Lip balms save your lips from harmattan dryness which can result in sores.

6. Wear protective glasses when going out
The glasses help minimize the amount of dust your eyes comes in contact with.


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