95% of Nigerian Politicians Have Nothing to Offer – MI Abaga

MI Abaga

MI Abaga, Chocolate City president, says 95 percent of Nigerian politicians have nothing to offer.

As the 2019 election draws near, politics and politicians have taken centre stage, shaping discourse and conversations.

The rapper gave his views on how Nigerians’ minds are programmed to “revere politicians” and how that impacts the outcome of elections.

“We can be talking bad about Buhari but if Buhari walks in here now, all of us will change,” the ‘Crowd Mentality’ rapper said in an interview with

“‘Hello sir, how are you sir’ If he cracks a joke we will laugh.

“We are programmed to revere politicians, why? Because we believe that in the moment they can do something to change our lives.

“95 percent of Nigerian politicians have nothing to offer you. Nothing of value.

“Because of that, we are framing the next election as to who has the money to win, not who should win.

“If you were to change this question and say who is the best person to lead Nigeria, you’ll come up with a completely different list of people.

“And who is going to vote for them? Us. So we are handing over the power because of what they have.”

Abaga recently released his eighth album titled ‘YungDenzl: A Study On Self Worth’.


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