Top 10 Most Irritating Situations In The World


In our lives, there are just some incidents and events that get into our nerves and make us hot-headed. We also encounter things that aren’t made what they are supposed to be, which also entices our anger. In some cases, people would do foolish things just to irritate us. But in the other side of the coin, these situations can be really funny.

10. When you come to know that booking is closed for a movie show

booking is closed for a movie show

Maybe there is a movie show that you have been anticipating for weeks. The day finally came and you line up to book on that particular movie. Suddenly, when it was your turn, you found out that there’s no vacancy left. Lucky you.

9. Listening to a person you know is a jerk, bragging about his achievements

Listening to a person you know is a jerk

There are times when someone just keeps talking non-stop about what they have gained in life and how great they are. They would not even you time to react and comment about what they are saying. If you could only reply to them with a punch on the face.

8. Long wait

Long wait

When you are waiting for something, you are spending time for it. As time pass and you wait longer, you start to get uneasy and irritated. By and by, your temper will heat up and you would not be able to take it any longer.

7. Need to drink but wallet is empty

Need to drink but wallet is empty

Imagine one hot sunny day and you’re out on the road. You’re walking, sweating and needing a drink. You found a soda vending machine on one side. When you brought out your wallet, you found out that it is empty. Crap.

6. Waiter serving late on your table

Waiter serving late on your table

Nothing can irritate you more than an empty stomach. It is very difficult when you come on a restaurant on time and then you find that the service is slow, making you hungrier and angrier.

5. Talking and mobile with a girl and battery dies

Talking and mobile with a girl and battery dies

You got the phone number of the girl of your dreams. You called her and started getting to know each other. As you take time in your conversation, you became at easy with each other. Without warning, your phone battery died and there is no charger near you. Ouch.

4. Slow speed of Internet

Slow speed of Internet

For the tech savvy, your pet peeve is slow internet. You are very much exited to download music, or steam music, or just connect with your friends, but the Internet is not allowing you to do any of the three.

3. Bike stops amid the traffic

Bike stops amid the traffic

It’s hard to be stuck in the middle of heavy traffic with your bicycle supposedly gliding quickly. Might as well take a cab.

2. When you tried to fart, but poop came out

When you tried to fart but poop came out

When gas inside your body needs to came out, all you have to do is fart. But unexpectedly, imagine with that gas, something solid came out. That’s one hell of a shame.

1. Disturbed when masturbating

Disturbed when masturbating

Imagine when you are already in the heat of the moment, nearing the climax. Then suddenly, your phone rang, or your mom called you. Now that’s hard to bear.

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