See How Electricity Tariff Has Been Increased for Each Region in Nigeria

The National Electricity Regulation Commission, a week ago rolled out new electricity tariff for residential and industrial users across the country.

  • R2 Customers covered by the Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC) who currently pay N13.91 per kilowatt-hour (kWh) will witness an increase by N9.60.
  • Eko DISCO distribution area – N12.87kWh to N22.87kWh (N10 increment)
  • Ikeja DISCO distribution area – N13.61kWh to N21.61kWh (N8 increment)
  • Kaduna DISCO dist. areas- N16.90kWh to N27.95kWh (N11.05 increment)
  • Benin DISCO dist. areas- N12.54kWh to N21.80kWh (N9.26 increment)
  • Ibadan DISCO dist. areas- N25.18kWh to N37.26kWh (N12.08 increment)
  • Enugu DISCO dist. areas – N24.01kWh to N37.36kWh (N13.35 increment)

The new tariff is expected come into effect on the 1st of February 2016.


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