7 Key Reasons Your Friend Always Gets A Job Offer


So you have this friend John who got a great job right out of university and has been able to move steadily up the corporate ladder without any problem. Why is that? What is John doing that you are not? Is it that John has some uncles in Abuja working things out for him or that he’s got some extra cash to pay his way through for employments? May be no. But something is sure, John has mastered some habits which keeps getting him good job offers to advance his career. These habits are what you should be emulating too.


John Knows How To Use Social Media

When you try to interact with John on social media, he always seems distant and stiff. The truth is that John knows that prospective employers, even the ones who did not get his resume, are looking at his social media presence to determine if John knows how to use technology, and to gauge John’s level of professionalism.

John Doesn’t Send Resumes To Online Job Listings

Nearly eight out of every 10 job hunters start their search online, but only 18 percent of those online listings result in a job hunter being hired. The reason is that most of the positions being advertised are already filled, or they are just listings created by recruiters to see what kind of candidates are out there.

John understands that while the actual listings may be relatively useless, the information is a gold mine. If a company advertises for an international sales associate, then John knows that the company needs sales professionals. He sends his resume to the sales manager and then follows up by phone.

John Networks Constantly

John takes his job hunt offline and goes to professional functions, job fairs and other places where he can mingle with potential employers. John invested some naira in getting some professional looking business cards printed up with a quick summary of his qualifications and his contact information on them and he gives those out constantly. John sets up a network of people who are helping him look for a job and that gives him the inside scoop on jobs that never get listed on-line.

John’s Correspondence With Employers Is Professional

When John responds to a potential employer’s email, he does so without using Internet speak such as “LOL” and without using cute emoticons. John is all business when talking to potential employers and that creates a strong impression that gets him job offers.

John Invested In A Professional Resume Writer

John’s resume stands out to hiring managers because John hired a professional resume writer who understands that a resume has to be concise and offer only pertinent information. A career objective and an indication that references are available upon request is not necessary and they don’t appear on John’s resume.

John Is Popular With His Friends

John has friends who work at companies that pay huge bonuses to employees who refer good employment candidates. There is a very good chance that several of those big job offers John had received came from companies that are paying John’s friends several thousands of naira to refer him.

There is a good chance that your friends have no idea that their companies have referral programs. Give your friends copies of your resume and tell them to look into the employment candidate referral programs where they work. If you help just one friend to make a big bonus by referring you, then your phone may never stop ringing.

John Returns Calls And Emails

When John gets a phone call from a potential employer, he returns that call instantly. John checks his email several times a day and returns any emails from hiring managers within hours. That kind of response time always impresses potential employers and will get your name moved to the top of any interview list.

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