4 Tips To Help You Survive January Blues



Santa has come and gone. You have visited at the best vacation spots, opened all the presents brought by friends and families and distributed all the gifts after a stressful shopping at the mall. Your formerly crowded home is now empty as nearly everyone has left for their various houses after the festivities.

Christmas is over and reality sets in as the toughest month of the year beckons. If you are saddled with worry over how to scale through this period

Organize yourself

January is always financially tight because of the additional expenses during Christmas. Notwithstanding, do not sulk about your financial status. You can take time to review your finances before you start spending for the month. The success of organizing yourself, especially your finances will go a long way in determining whether the cookie will crumble during the month.

New year, new budget

A budget is a perfect way to plan what and how much you will spend for the month. If you are cash trapped, you have to fashion out a thin budget. In this quest to survive the January blues, you should be prepared to do away with some excesses. In addition, if you must buy anything, take advantage of online discounts and coupons on hotels, taxis, and other services.

Avoid quick-cash loans

Many times, when people are financially broke, their next resort is to request for quick-cash loans. This is not the way to go because, you can be a mess when January rolls away. The first thing you should is to drastically cut down on your spending. If you are planning to go on vacation to Akwa Ibom Golf resort, you can postpone it.

Don’t buy on credit

A simple tip to avoid the January hangover that may come too late for some is to only spend what you have in the first place. It seems simple enough but with the expectations thrust upon us by tempting offers to buy things on credit many of us can fall into these dangerous debt traps. Living within your means, even at Christmas time, is the first step to banishing the January blues.

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