“About 90% Of Nigerian Doctors Are Writing Exams To Practice Medicine In UK”- Vice Chancellor Alerts

Doctors in Surgery


The Vice Chancellor of Ajayi Crowther University, Professor Dapo Folorunsho Asaju has alerted of an impending calamity in the Nigeria health sector following exodus of Nigeria-trained doctors into the United Kingdom.

He noted that his son-in-law’s recent visit to the United Kingdom indicated that ninety percent of those writing examinations to practice medicine in the United Kingdom are doctors from Nigeria.

Professor Asaju who raised the alarm while presenting the 74th Interdisciplinary discourse of the University of Ibadan, Postgraduate school entitled “Religious undercurrents in the evolution of education in Global context” stated that it is sad that the federal government of Nigeria seemed unperturbed by the massive brain drain which will make many Nigerians die in the absence of qualified medical doctors.

The professor of Christian theology who noted that while religion has been deployed by the elites as a divisive tool in Nigeria, education without religion moral teachings is responsible for increasing social vices and terrorism.

He noted that is sad that institutions are producing graduates only in paper qualification and not on sound morals which will impact the society.

He noted that while universities are happy producing first class holders, the production of first class brain without character will amount to the production of ‘clever devils’.

He said “People have been crying of brain drain and it appears that Nigeria is not even mindful of the implications of what is happening. My son-in-law who went to write examination to be able to practice medicine in the UK and engineer told me that of all those who came for this examination, 90 percent were doctors from Nigeria. This is crisis.

When you have put in your very best , you train so many people, you have invested in them only for them to get their certificates  and we abandon the sick people who are dying in this country to treat those who are already well. It is a calamity. Woe unto a nation whose best would desert her shores to go abroad for the sake of pound sterling or dollar to live life of affluence abandoning people who are so much in need of their expertise, those who invested everything to make them who they are. There is another crisis of morals. We have first class brain who are empty in terms of morals. If our universities continue to produce first class student’s brains without character, they would have succeeded in producing a bunch of clever devils. That is why we have very brilliant people but they have no character. They carry first class degrees from universities but put them in places of work they don’t have the minute of discipline of punctuality, probity, accountability, or have integrity. It is now very difficult to find good workers in Nigeria.”

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