ABSU Lecturer Weds Student He Proposed to on Valentine’s Day

Wisdom Anucha, a lecturer at Abia State University (ABSU), married Novella Grace, a female student he proposed to on Valentine’s Day.

Anucha garnered notoriety after he proposed to his fiancée, an Optometry student, in front of the class.

The plan garnered criticism for raising concerns about a romantic relationship between a lecturer and a student.

In response, the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) at the institution stated that Anucha’s activities did not breach any university statutes or ethical values.

In March, the pair announced their wedding date on social media with a snapshot of themselves in custom costumes.

Anucha shared photos of their wedding ceremony on Facebook, captioned “And it came to pass, indeed, it is not good for him to be alone”.

The lovebirds married on April 6 at Saint Paul’s Anglican Church in Aba.

The wedding was soon followed by a banquet at Ngwa High School in Aba.

Their conventional wedding took place a week prior.

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