Adorable Photos of Yoruba Actress, Taiwo Aromokun Twins as they Turn 5 (Photos)

How time flies. Yoruba actress Taiwo Aromokun can’t keep calm because it’s her twin-boys 5th birthday today. Taiwo who has been residing in London with the boys took to IG to celebrate them THANKING GOD for protection and all. More birthday photos below…

”Who am I lord that you are mindful of me, I don’t deserve all you have done in my life, just like yesterday you gave this two glorious generation’s, my camp’s, my hero’s, my joy, my blessings, my riches, my wealth secret, my lights. ………… …Yahweh I am short of words but I really want to say thank you, it’s has been 5 years of your tender mercy of you not giving up on us,even when I gave up on you, Lord you refuse to let go of my hand,I am forever indebted to you,Jaden & Jamie are saying thank you. Few hours to your glorious 5 my crowns.God over everything”,

she wrote.


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