aere Are 5 Things That’ll Make You Look Unintelligent


Everyone is smart but some are smarter than others due to their actions. As humans, sometimes we do some unintelligent things that we are totally ignorant of, but it becomes obvious to those around us.

In certain situations, the way people perceive us matters. From the way you speak and act, people are bound to form opinions which will eventually be used in judging you either good or bad.

Inspired by Lifehack, here are 5 things that’ll make you look unintelligent:

1. Constantly staring blankly

Nothing makes people form opinions about you other than a blank stare. It shows that you are detached and aren’t interested in what people are saying especially when the conversation is serious and your input is needed. Many people see this kind of stare as rude and unprofessional which in turn doesn’t make you look good.

2. Passing judgment on others easily

Passing judgment on people will constantly happen because those who judge are very good at seeing things from one perspective rather than as a whole.  Judging others means holding them at your standards which is wrong and makes you the unintelligent person.


3. Wearing inappropriate clothes

Wearing the right clothes at the right time for the right occasion makes you look smarter than you are. If you are meant to be in a business meeting and you walk in wearing T-shirt and pajama pants, everyone is bound to look at you as being irresponsible and unintelligent; you’ll need to make a lot of effort in order for them to take you seriously.

4. Talking too much or too little

People won’t take you seriously if you blab always; they’ll believe you aren’t intelligent enough for them to listen. Same goes for talking too little, people are bound to mistake your quietness as a sign of low self-esteem or not being intelligent enough to throw in ideas.

5. Misusing saying or words

There may be a trending slang but it doesn’t mean you should say it along with others especially if you don’t understand what it means. Blurting these words out or misusing them makes you look unintelligent to others who are probably watching and listening to you.



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