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After Following Hushpuppi Back on Instagram, Tonto Dikeh Takes His Back Against Mompha

It ought to be noticed that there’s been  hostile posts against Instagram Big Boy, Hushpuppi – in a post by Instagram blogger, @Cutie_Juls protecting Hushpuppi, it’s seen how Tonto Dikeh, who unfollowed and afterward started following the ‘gucci’ ace, defended him.

Actress, Tonto Dikeh, after following him back on Instagram has shown that she’s on his side, following his banter with an ex-friend Mompha.

Tonto Dikeh Wish Hushpuppi Speedy Recovery, Tonto Dikeh Stands


The post reads;

“After deliberating on everything that happened, I can confidently say without fear that Mompha was never Hushpuppi’s friend. Hush mistakenly thought he had a friend and a brother in Mompha but Mompha never saw him as one.

N-gga was still dining and snap chatting with Hush but there he was speaking ill of him to his wife via text messages as he himself posted online.

Men usually do not do this. When their friends move in with you, they will say anything to cover up for them. .

For Mompha to even go and look for “Hush’s daddy’s cab” to snap a picture of it and use it to shame him means he is really petty and a bitter person. They both called out each other on social media but Mompha’s level of “bitchness” beats my imagination. .
Boi, nigga be posting his family house and all to prove he is the son of Bill Gate.. boi!

But who am I to give my opinions on billionaires fight? Oya lemme kukuma go and chop some sleep. 

2- To @hushpuppi [hopefully you get to see this].. Never accept this Mompha back into your life. He has never been a friend to you. A friend who will even keep traces of things you told him in confidence and use it against you when you have issues, has been a traitor from day one. Run from such people.

@mompha [hopefully you get to read this].. send your bank details via dm, comments, email, text or whatsapp and let me credit your account with the $5k that you claim your friend owes you. Billionaire sons don’t spend so much time, energy and data on $5k debt so I have decided to save the situation… boi! Both of you should stay away from each other. That friendship isn’t healthy. #cutiesthoughts”

Tonto Dikeh Stands


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