After Their Ordeal In Nigeria, Matharoo Sisters, Jyoti and Kiran Reveal How To Date Billionaires

Months after they ran into trouble in Nigeria for allegedly being the brain behind gossip website, Naijagistlive – which was slandering many rich men – Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo have now revealed how to date a lot of billionaires.

In the interview with New York Times, the sisters maintained that they weren’t behind the website which, at a time, specifically targeted billionaire, Femi Otedola, leading to their arrest and decision to flee Nigeria.

They added that they have been inundated with messages from women, asking for guidance on finding a billionaire sugar daddy. According to them, don’t be greedy. .

“When he asks what kind of car you want, don’t ask for a Rolls-Royce,” Jyoti said. Second, observe proper “jetiquette” by dressing conservatively on his Cessna. “You don’t want to look like some guy hired a hooker for a weekend,” Kiran said.

And, obviously, when he hands you thousands of dollars for a luxury shopping spree, bring him back some change. However, they said, men and their money are not worth the trouble. “There’s always going to be a guy saying, ‘Let me spoil you,’ who wants to fly us somewhere,” Jyoti said.

“They were accused of cyberstalking and threatening to kidnap wealthy Nigerians, including one of Kiran’s ex-boyfriends, Femi Otedola. While in detention, the police brought them to the home of Mr. Otedola, who warned that he could have them imprisoned for 10 years if they refused to cooperate. Desperate to leave Nigeria, they agreed to apologize to Mr. Otedola on video, so they could get their passports back and fly home to Canada. Jyoti read a confession off her phone, admitting that the pair ran the website and apologizing to Mr. Otedola and his family. The video was posted online the next day and swiftly attracted media coverage, destroying the sisters’ carefully crafted reputations”

“Kiran said Mr. Otedola was furious that she had rejected his plead to rekindle their relationship, and used them as scapegoats to deflect attention from the website’s embarrassing rumors. About a week after they posted bail, the sisters flew to Toronto with emergency travel documents”

Back home, the Matharoos initially stayed off social media. But fed up with the public humiliation, they began speaking out to Canadian media. A few months later, in September 2017, Jyoti was refused to travel to the US. A week later, Kiran flew to Venice, Italy, to go furniture shopping. While waiting for her luggage at the airport customs officers locked her in a room with no food, water or explanation.  They said, ‘There’s a flag on your passport from Interpol,’” she said.

She spent the next 40 days in jail, awaiting extradition to Nigeria.

But Nigeria never filed the extradition paperwork, and Kiran was allowed to fly home to Canada.

Philip Adebowale, the Nigerian police official who detained the sisters in Lagos said that he had not colluded with Mr. Otedola. Explaining why Nigeria failed to request Kiran’s extradition, he first said the Italian police “allowed these girls to dupe them,” and then blamed bureaucratic errors.


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