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AltSchool Africa Expands to Kenya

AltSchool Africa, dubbed the African BloomTech, aims to expand into Kenya, its second-largest revenue area.

This expansion will help AltSchool achieve its goal of equipping ten million Africans with in-demand skills by 2030.

AltSchool, founded in 2021, provides a new alternative to established education institutions. By leveraging current technology and emphasizing practical, hands-on learning, the platform enables users to obtain skills in high-growth industries such as business, data, engineering, media, and the creative economy.

One of the most significant difficulties confronting Africa is the gap between the skills that job seekers possess and the abilities that companies require. With an estimated 10 million job searchers and only 3 million employed, AltSchool hopes to close the gap by offering accessible, inexpensive, and effective training programs.

The company’s flexible pricing strategy, ranging from $20 to $50 per month, suits a wide spectrum of learners. AltSchool also provides income-sharing agreements (ISAs), which allow students to pay a part of their future earnings rather than upfront costs. This novel strategy eliminates financial barriers and provides opportunities for even the most disadvantaged persons.

AltSchool’s growth into Kenya is motivated by the country’s significant potential and position as the company’s second-largest income generator. By establishing a local office and employing Tabitha Kayvu as Country Manager, AltSchool reiterates its commitment to providing specialized support and speedier processing of local payments for Kenyan students.

The company’s success is not confined to Kenya. AltSchool has already developed a presence in the United States and Rwanda, and its courses are attracting students from more than 105 countries. AltSchool is poised for additional expansion and impact, having secured agreements with important players in Kenya and is in talks with agencies to increase access to its programs.

Adewale Yusuf, co-founder of AltSchool, envisions a future in which 10 million Africans have the skills required to find meaningful work and contribute to the continent’s economic progress. AltSchool is committed to creating a better future for African youth and the continent as a whole by focusing on practical, industry-relevant skills and innovative learning approaches.

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