AMAZING: 14 Signs You Are With The Guy You Should Marry

1. He thinks you look amazing when you first wake up

No make up, hair disheveled or under one of those “don’t call me, I’m going to bed scarves”.

2. He brags about you to everybody

The guy at the 7-11, his mother, his dad, your friends!

3. He doesn’t try to change anything about you

You don’t have to fix anything, he accepts your flaws and loves you just the way you are.

4. He always makes long term plans with you

Some guys don’t like to talk about long term relationship goals because they don’t plan to be around, your guy can plan years in advance because he knows he isn’t going anywhere.

5. You can’t contribute to the “my boyfriend sucks conversation”

Girls night out will often lead to “boo bashing”, if you cant contribute to that conversation then chances are you have something great at home.

6. You can cry, fart, and be your usual gross self in front of him

yea, pretty much!

7. You laugh all the time with each other at the silliest things

Inside jokes are your thing, you share the same sense of humor

8. He doesn’t mind that you called just to talk even when you just sent him a text a few minutes ago


He always picks up the phone, he doesn’t care that you were only telling him about your deli not having your favorite salad.

9. He loves chilling with your mom and dad

When a guy becomes apart of the family easily, it makes the transition to marriage a piece of cake. Not to mention he makes sure that you are very much apart of his family.

10. He thinks you are hot even when you don’t

He randomly tells you that you are hot even after a few years.

11. He is your person

You watch Greys Anatomy right? He is the person you put down on the application as your emergency contact.

12. He takes good care of you when you are sick

The guy that brings you juice and makes sure you take your medicine is a keeper.

13. When he says he misses you, he really really misses you.

When he says he loves or misses you, you can feel it in your gut that he does.

14. He never makes you feel insecure

Some men love making their girl feel uncomfortable for various reasons, nobody has time for that “argument starting” bullcrap. If your man makes you feel comfortable regardless of the scenario you should marry that guy.

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