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Attending Any Hausa Wedding Soon? Then Be Prepared to See and Eat These Delicious Meals

Hausa Weddings are pretty colorful as well as traditional. All of us know the meals is a important part of any wedding ceremony and it’s essential your guests get glad.

Ever attended a Hausa wedding? There are scrumptious food you should assume to peer or devour. These foods aren’t simply scrumptious however they’re also wholesome.

Have a look at them!


Nobody says no to Suya. Suya is originally from the North, even though it has become popular all over the country. Most people buy suya in the night by the roadside. Still, nothing beats soft, tender, well-spiced grilled meat with lots of chilli pepper. Suya is served as small chops, usually with cabbage, onions and mixed chilli pepper yaji. That’s a well-balanced meal right there.

2.Kwadon Zogale

Kwadon Zogale is a special delicacy from Northern Nigeria. It’s prepared with moringa leaves, groundnut paste, onions, tomatoes and spices. Make a healthy meal for your wedding guests with Kwadon Zogale.

3.Miyan Busheshen Kubewa (Dried Okro Soup)

This soup is a very common and popular soup in the Northern part of Nigeria and several other West and North African countries, with different preparations.

4.Waina (Rice Cake)

Waina/Rice cake is made from ground rice fried in balls or flat like a pancake. The meal can be served with a variety of vegetable sauces or spicy chilli. Your guests will want more and more, which is great because it’s also very easy to pack into takeaway plates.

5.Dambu Nama

Dambu which can also be addressed as meat treaty is shredded, spiced dried meat. This snack is made from beef, lamb or even chicken. Your guests can snack before the food is served, or it can even be packaged into small takeaway plates for them to eat later. Dambu keeps really well, so you don’t have to worry about it spoiling.


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