Attributes Every Muslim Man Desires In A Woman

Wedding Of Adamawa Governor’s Son
Wedding Of Adamawa Governor’s Son

You would be surprised to know that the Muslim men in the society do not just pick women who are wayward; they have little or no use for women who have no modest and religious standing. Men generally have a list of qualities they want their partners to possess or conform with if a marriage ever gets considered. An average man in the society pay no attention to the values a woman possess; that is why it is possible for men to pick up strangers and marry them within a very short time.

So far a woman is presentable, they do not pay attention to the flaws she has. This is more or less like a pass mark for them and courtship is started in no time. This could be one of the reasons why we have lots of broken relationships and homes in the society. The devoted Muslim men in the society do not pick women basically because of lust, they go for women who share the same faith as them.

Women like these would be able to add more values to their lives. A woman’s status is one of the things Muslim men consider when they want to pick a woman for marriage. Nasab is when a man considers the heritage and lineage of a woman in order to be sure he is marrying from the right family. Men also look at Hasab which is considered to be another type of lineage when checking the status of the woman. This would reveal the ancestral qualities of that lineage and what the man hopes to get from that marriage.

It is useful in assessing the personality of the women in question. Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) in an hadith said it is okay for men to be captured by the physical beauty of a woman but they should not fall in love with the ephemeral nature of beauty. This is understandable as love could fade with age if the non-sexual assets of a woman are not cherished.

Muslim men also look at how pious the women are; they want to know if the women they are interested in are not materialistic. They also get fascinated by women who take their religion serious. Some wear niqab, hijab or jilbab; some women wear all of these. Muslim men want women who have a connection with God outside their daily prayers.

The things discussed above are in line with what Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) raised in an hadith when he said a woman should be married for four reasons; wealth, family status, beauty and piety. The issue of marriage is a delicate one, thus it is possible to have complications while trying to follow this through. Muslim want women with a strong drive. A woman who has a different and unique perception to life and its issues may make an interesting company when compared to women who have no zest for life. The latter could be reserved and may not strike the men as exciting partners.

Muslim men also want women who are determined; women like these are defined and refined. They know what they want from life and would make wonderful partners in marriage because the men know they would always find a way to contribute their own quota. Women that are determined are good for marriage because they will be able to handle whatever comes their way. Women like these stand with their husbands through thick and thin and give them the strength to move on when everything goes bleak.

Muslim men in addition to wanting all the things mentioned above in a woman, they would not turn down a woman who is fashionable and modest at the same time. There are many women in the society that are educated and dress the part; they know the right colors and scarves that would fit their outfits. As educated and accomplished as they are, some of these Muslim women still represent their faith and adhere by a strict code of conduct. The men also want women who are young and fertile.

The male sex hormone in them make them look for young women who can bear children for them. Loving and fertile women would always be attractive to Muslim men. Conclusively, they want women who can support them in their struggle, women who would help them raise good and godly children. They want women they can relate with any time of the day, humour is an integral part of a relationship. It is imperative for them to be with women they can share good moments with. 

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