Awesome!! Check Out What This 7-Year-old Boy Who Hasn’t Been To School Was Caught Doing On The Street!!

A young boy was seen exhibiting his God-given talent on the streets recently.

According to a picture shared by a social media user, the unnamed little boy was spotted on the streets of Uganda, sitting beside a couple of sketches he had made on pieces of paper.

The little boy has reportedly never been to school in the seven years of his existence, because his family are unable to send him.

The young man who posed beside the little boy said:

“He doesn’t go to school. His family can not afford to. He sits and draws pictures. People pass, some kind enough to drop a few coins. His mum collects the money and thanks them. I sat with them for about 30mins and watched him draw. Fascinating. A gift I’ve always envied.”Check out the pencil drawings of this talented 7-year-old boy

Awesome talent!


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