Bad Side Effects Of Tight Underwear

One of the contentious subtopics in the endless debate on which is better between boxers vs. briefs is whether tight briefs underwear is bad for a man’s fertility particularly his ability to produce healthy sperm.

A recent study has found that tight underwear can have a negative impact on male fertility

A study done by the University of Sheffield has found that wearing tight underwear is the single biggest risk factor for fertility amongst men, and that it is worse than alcohol consumption and smoking.

According to research done by fertility experts at the university, tight underwear caused men to produce less sperm. The study was undertaken using data from 2 500 men in the UK.

Gynaecologist Dr Gillian Lockwood told The Telegraph that wearing tight underwear went against a thousand years of human practice.

“If you imagine during the evolutionary time, our chaps would have been strolling across the Savannah with a bit of bearskin tied around their middles, otherwise going commando,” she said.

“Then you put them in a hot bath, or in tight Lycra when they go cycling – it’s not very good for their sperm.”

The study also found that chances of men procreating past the age of 40 reduced significantly, as the quality of sperm decreased.

It also found that men who have children after 40 are most likely to have children who suffer from schizophrenia, autism and Down syndrome.

Another study carried out by the same university in 2014 found that activities such as smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol had little effect on male fertility.

Dr Allan Pacey, Senior Lecturer in Andrology at the University of Sheffield said that one of the things they found to also have a negative effect on fertility was cannabis.

“Our knowledge of factors that influence sperm size and shape is very limited, yet faced with a diagnosis of poor sperm morphology, many men are concerned to try and identify any factors in their lifestyle that could be causing this.

“It is therefore reassuring to find that there are very few identifiable risks, although our data suggests that cannabis users might be advised to stop using the drug if they are planning to try and start a family,” he said.


Source: The Telegraph


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