Beauty Tips For Dark Skin Ladies You Might Want To Know

From ensuring proper moisturizing, wearing sunscreen and more, these tips work for dark skin people to glow even more:

1. Control Oil

Dark skin beaus usually have oil skin which can be kept hydrated but not greasy eveyday. Use non greasy/ non comedogenic moisturizers and  wear primers to keep the face especially matte but refreshed through the day.

2. Exfoliate Often

Exfoliation rids the skin of dead skin cells, dirts, grimes, sebum, clean and clearer pores and more. Exfoliating often leaves the skin brighter, smoother and healthier. You can use an facial scrub suitable for your skin type, a home made sugar scrub or a gentle body buff.

Be careful not to over-exfoliate as this irritates the skin.

3.  Avoid overly bright lipsticks


It’s best to keep lipsticks in darker tones. Avoid overly bright orange and pink hues but work with subtle and dark hues that suit your skin tone.

4. Wear sunscreen

Wear sunscreen especially when you go out in the sun a lot. Most times people assume that exposing darker skintones to the sun will not harm it but sometimes sun is the reason why hyper pigmentation occurs leaving skin way darker and lacklustre.

5. Adequate Skincare

Avoid picking pimples on the face, treat acne and other form of blemish to keep the skin looking fresh. Dark spots on dark skintone can leave the skin funny.



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